Board Meeting Minutes-June 2015

SHCS Board Meeting Minutes

June 5th, 2015



CALL TO ORDER at 6:45pm by David S.


Administration:  Brenda H., Joan K.

Board:  Crystal M., David S., Robert C., Mike P., Erin M.

Staff:  Mary Ann C.

Other:  David M., Shannon W., Nicole H.


MOTION to approve May meeting minutes by David S., second by Robert C., 2 YAYS, 1 ABSTENTION.


  1. Principal’s Report:
    1. There are currently two open positions.  We have received several good applications and are interviewing candidates next week.
    2. Field day was a big success.
    3. PGA program was introduced to the kids during field day.
  2. Budget Review:
    1. Review of budget forecast for 2016
  3. Introductions:  Welcome to new board member Erin M.  Shannon W. and David M., and Nicole H.
  4. Social Security – no new information.
  5. Busing – currently there are not enough students signed up to justify a bus.

MOTION to pause busing for 2015-2016 school year and revisit again next year by Mike P., second by Robert C.,  ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Lease – no update

MOTION to approve budget forecast with teacher salary increase by David S., second by Mike P. ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Board member appointments

MOTION to approve appointment of Shannon Wilson and David Medina to the school board for the 2015-2016 school year by Robert C., second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.

Next meeting August 13th at 6:30pm.

MOTION to go into executive session to discuss professional competence of Brenda H. by Robert C., second by Mike P.; Brenda H. will remain in the room for the first half of the discussion.  ALL IN FAVOR.

Brenda left the meeting at 9:52pm

Brenda reentered the meeting at 10:05pm

Open session at 10:06pm

MOTION to approve a 3% pay raise for Brenda Hedden for the 2015-2016 school year by David S., second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR.

MOTION to adjourn at 10:14pm.  ALL IN FAVOR.











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