Zentangle- Art Show

Thanks to Mrs. Radu for organizing the Zentangle Show at Soldier Hollow Charter School.  What a great response from our young artists and the creations were outstanding.  Here are the results of the show.
Grades: K-3 category:
1. Martin Radu – “My Hand”
    Sophia Allred – Bunny Sparkles”
3. Parker Dickson – “Blue Eagle”
Honorable mention :
Bella Haynie – “Tangles”
Finnian Schaffer – “The Tree of Magic”
Grades: 4-6 category :
1.Cora Chesley – “Elephant”
2.Daniel Radu – “Zentangled Plate”
   Mesa Carroll – “Master of Zen”
Honorable Mention :
Brett Sorensen – “SHCS symbol”
Jonah Harbertson – “Mask”
Seth Johnson – “Pandangle”
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