5th Grades Heads to Bullfrog


5th grade students at Soldier Hollow Charter School went to Bullfrog, UT last week. Students started off their journey in Goblin Valley where they discussed the different types of erosion needed to create the goblins. They hiked the Caramel Canyon Trail and saw a variety of plants and animals native to the area.


On the second day students participated in a 6 mile hike to the Strike Valley Overlook. They were able to see where the tectonic plates shifted and made a reef of more than 100 miles called the Water Pocket Fold. The view was spectacular and students were able to observe firsthand how tectonic plates shift beneath the Earth’s surface. The same night students went star gazing. They spied Jupiter, its storms, and its four moons, two spiral galaxies, the moon, and the globular cluster, Messier 13 (M13) through high powered telescopes. On the final day students went to the Visitors Center where they studied information on the local ecosystem.

Overall, the trip was a successful adventure that the kids will remember for a lifetime. They built strong friendships with their peers and saw many things that cannot be seen behind the four walls of a classroom. All of this helped to solidify information discussed in science throughout the school year.

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