Lego Math

LEg GOdt in Danish means “play well.” LEGO in the classroom means enthusiastic, effective, engaging, visual, creative and hands-on learning.


Students in 4th grade find mathematical inspiration in a pile of LEGO bricks to understand time tables by counting the studs. Many students are visual learners and have an easier time grasping mathematical concepts when they can see them demonstrated in a visually compelling way. For younger mathematicians, composing and decomposing numbers is a key component of building the number sense needed for arithmetic operations.


This week the fourth graders built towers using different colors of LEGO bricks. They drew their creations in the math journals, labeled them (number of each color) and then wrote the fractions. They also built their initials and created several word math problems using the math operations and knowledge of the new vocabulary about fractions.


Taking teaching out of the textbooks and putting it into the hands of the students ignite children’s natural desire to explore and discover. It helps them understand challenging subjects, grow ideas, and make their own creations through playful learning experiences.


Students in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade use LEGO Story Starter for language arts. It is unique, creative learning tool that gives the children experience creating and telling stories. It develops language and comprehension skills while motivating them to use their imagination to create characters and storylines. Students work in groups of three. They decide together on a story flow. The spinner allows them to construct a story by introducing characters, a setting, and a plot. Each student builds one of the scene structures – a beginning (set-up), a middle (action), and an end (resolution). Then they write the story and present it to the class.4th graders using LEGO in the classroom to understand math Forth graders using LEGO in the classroom to understand math IMG_8773

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