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Soldier Hollow Charter School is an award winning, free public charter school located at 3444 W, 3000 S in beautiful Charleston Utah.  We serve students in grades Pre-K (fee based) through 7th grade.  In the fall of 2018, we will add 8th grade to our curriculum.  Please read the data below on the benefits of a K-8 school model, versus a junior high model.  They are from Harvard University, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the Center for Education Reform, Education Next, The New York Times and many more.  Just enter K-8 versus junior high in your browser and see where it leads.












In August, we will be moving to our new location on 10 acres in Charleston, just two miles from our current location.


There is so much about our school that is special and unique and allows us to meet all scholars needs.  With excellent teachers, who are ALL certified with degrees in education, and a great support network, students are challenged at their ability level and make substantial academic gains.


We have  been awarded the coveted Blue Ribbon Award (2011) from the United States Department of Education. We are the only school situated on a state park, and, on an official Olympic facility, where children cross country ski twice per week during school, throughout the ski season. Students also snow show in the winter, ice skate the month of December and we offer archery and golf lessons in the fall and spring.


We are part of the Green Charter School Network, and have our roots in place-based learning, which encourages children to learn about, learn from and learn in their local surroundings.


Soldier Hollow Facts:


  • Located within the boundaries of the Wasatch School District
  • Opened September 1999
  • State Board Chartered
  • Full-day Pre-K  and kindergarten through grade 7 (2017) and grade 8 (2018)
  • Our Pre-K is private and fee based.
  • We offer a full day Kindergarten program.  Mornings are tuition free, full days are fee based.
  • Free, public charter school
  • School size: 350 scholars
  • A student/teacher ratio of 15-1, with class sizes capped at 23


Our goal is not to compete with the Wasatch School District, but simply provide an option for 40 students per grade level.  We have no plans to be a large school, although we could easily grow.  We understand that a one size fits all does not work in education and we know that students need to move….. a lot.  That they tire, that to learn successfully, the brain needs oxygen and the body needs movement.  We know to stay happy and healthy they need strong core body strength that children are no longer developing. We know that sitting in desks in rows may not be the best way for all students to learn, so we want to offer an option.  We believe that children learn through playing and exploring and that participating in activities helps most to learn, rather than behind a computer (we call it plugged in).  Our students are unplugged much of their time at our school and actively engaged, as well as out in the environment learning how math, science, language arts and more is relevant to their lives and the world they live in.  Here is a great article that exemplifies our philosophy in learning:




Administrative Structure


A Board comprised of seven members governs the school. The Principal manages day-to-day operations of school under direction of Board. Teachers report to and work under the guidance of the Principal.


The Board meets the second Tuesday of every month at the school at 6:30 p.m.  Parents are welcome to attend.




  • The Utah State Core Curriculum provides the basis for teaching at SHCS. However our faculty strives to take our students beyond the basics by integrating the arts and environment into the core subjects and emphasizing place-based learning approaches.
  • Physical education is emphasized with the cooperation of the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center. We are able to offer a cross-country ski program as part of our winter curriculum as well as snow shoeing and ice skating.  Fall and Spring activities include soccer, hiking, archery and a golfing program.  On our new 10 acre site, we will add even more opportunities.




  • About two-thirds of the operating funds come from the State of Utah. The remaining funds are sought through grant writing and fundraising.
  • Due to these fiscal constraints there are no school-provided lunches or busing.




Our staff are highly qualified for the positions in which they are hired, many of which have numerous degrees and Masters’ degrees in education.  All of the classroom teachers hold state certification in grades 1-8 and numerous staff also hold a K-3 certification.  Five of our teachers have their reading endorsement and two teachers hold an English as a Second Language endorsement.  Numerous teachers also have science degrees and are well traveled and bring these experiences to the classroom.  Our principal is very experienced and certified in the state of Utah as a school administrator.


Because we are a place-based school, many of our teachers have come from the science field.  As a parent, you have the right to know the qualifications of the educational staff working with your children.  To view qualifications, please look under the Our School tab, scroll down to the Meet Our Teachers link and scroll over to Faculty Information.


School Hours:


Our school year begins August 21, 2017.

Class begins promptly at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  School ends at 12:15 p.m. on Fridays.

Find out more information about parents right to know at:




We offer a meet and greet with tours on a weekly basis.  Please call the school office and we can answer any questions you may have and meet with you about your interests and child’s needs.

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