Board Meeting Minutes June 2014



SHCS Board Meeting


Board members present: David Sullivan, Rhett Roberts, Amber Bowers-Bates, Mark Smedley, Michael Proper.


Others: Brenda H, Brendan M, Joan K, Colette Broadhead, Robert and Marina Cortopassi, Michael and Lori Hampton


Call to order 6:36 pm/ principal’s office on school campus


  1. Approval of board minutes from the 10th and 12th of June, all in favor
  2. Parent questions, none.
  3. Amber nominated Crystal Miller to finish the balance of Michelle B. term as board member, David second.  All in favor.
  4. Rhett motioned to bring David S and Mark S on for the board appointed 1 year term.  Amber seconded, all in favor (David and Mark did not vote)
  5. Retreat details tabled.
  6. Principal Report:
  • Received two grants, one for a PT arts specialist and another for 6th grade math.
  • Success of both field day and the Michael Vey assembly were discussed.
  • School will be focusing on Differentiated Learning this next year and Brenda may bring in a specialist
  • Attended a meeting regarding electronic version of the principal evaluations that Utah State is adopting that is aligned with the 10 standards for teachers.
  • Teacher interviews and demos are ongoing
  • Marylis Burns recommended 4 mentors who are the most effective directors in the State for Brenda and she has already met with one.
  • Wants to create an exit interview for families leaving school.  Lengthy discussion.  Board decided we would have three surveys (August, January and April) from the board or a third party vendor; these would be both external (family) and internally (staff).  Robert Cortopassi volunteered to assist with this project.
  • Fall Gala:  we need a coordinator.  Collete B and Robert C. both offered to help.  Many expressed the opinion that it needs an infusion of enthusiasm.  Crystal M. will head up the fundraising committee.  We are looking at dates after halloween but before Thanksgiving.  Novemeber 8th was mentioned.


7.  Joan K. and Brendan M.

  • IRS: still waiting for the council to come to a decision.  Discussion about the background of the IRS decision, etc. July 23rd the checks expire. David makes a motion to deposit the IRS funds if the council does not make a decision before the 23rd, Rhett second.  All in favor. (update: we received information on how to send the checks back, so we did so)
  • Enrollment was discussed.  We need 20 students to fill in all our empty slots and to improve the budget bottom line
  • Budget discussion.  Enrollment, Fundraising and Grants are where we will focus this year.  Teacher placement and budget were discussed. Michael mad a motion to approve the budget with revenue changes discussed with Joan, Rhett seconded.  All in favor.


8.  Policies tabled until next meeting.


9.  New Business

  •    Letter from the State regarding the private session at Redmond.  David will prepare a letter.
  • Need to create Fundraising and Marketing committees.
  • Registration August 5th
  • New auditor Jones & Simkins coming next week to set up a plan


Meeting adjourned by David 9:44 pm, second Rhett.

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