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Mrs. Brenda Hedden




Hometown:. I grew up in Illinois, but spent all of my childhood summers in Northport, at a girls recreational camp that my parents created and operated for 38 years. My childhood was so idyllic, that I wanted the same for my children, and moved to Michigan to raise them and give them the same opportunities that I had.


Education: Bachelors of Science degree from Western Illinois University in Health Education, Microbiology. Endorsements in Physical Education, Physical and Life Sciences, Biology, Elementary and Secondary Education. Masters of Arts from Central Michigan University in Educational Administration and Leadership. Continue to take courses toward an EdS in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.


Experience: Teacher in California for six years, taught middle school physical science and high school life science and biology. Teacher in Michigan for three years, taught science grades 4-9. I then became a middle school principal for two years, moved up to the high school level and served as a principal for five years, district coordinator for alternative education for three years before serving as a state curriculum specialist and a consultant for early college programming and program improvement. I enjoy being back in a school setting, where I am able to build relationships with staff and students and support programming and academic achievement.


Interests: Anything water related. I love to boat, ski, sail, swim, jet ski. We also love the mountains and sand dunes and we often will take our ATV’s to a remote location and see the back country or ride the dunes. We have dogs which we train, show, and breed. Our dogs are a big part of our life and I cannot imagine life without these wonderful additions to our family. The local moose have become a favorite of mine, as they frequent our yard regularly. Stop by to see my pictures and meet Morris, the moose that has taken residence in my office.


Philosophy of Education: There is no greater importance in a school, than what is happening in the classroom each day. As an educator, my focus is on learning. I understand that my motivation, knowledge and enthusiasm are keys to learning and collaborating with others. I follow the “new” three R’s of education: Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. By following these three R’s, students are provided the content, structure, support and importance of what they are learning. All students can learn and expectations in curriculum must be high. I strive to support teachers in having the tools to create meaningful lessons and activities for students. All students need to feel that satisfaction and a “sense of being” within the classroom. My visibility in the classroom and building presentation is very important to me. A building needs to be welcoming and comfortable. Parents play a large role in the academic success of students, so opportunities for parental involvement, support and understanding of their child’s academics and activities are very important. I am very open minded to new ideas and strategies, believe in life-long learning and communication and collaboration with my colleagues. Most of all, I love the field of education, have served in numerous capacities, have continued to grow by taking classes and attending conferences, and enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and provide an environment where every child is successful.

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