Administering of Medication



I. Board Policy


The Soldier Hollow Charter School Board of Education recognizes that medication be administered by the student or the student’s parent/guardian. However, the Board of Education recognizes that the health of a student may require administration of medication during the course of a school day. Subject to the conditions of this policy, authorized school personnel may provide help with the administration of medication to students during periods when the student is under the control or supervision of the school and school personnel.


As long as authorized personnel act in a prudent and responsible manner, school or district staff who provide assistance in substantial compliance with the licensed Health Care Provider’s written statement,  are not liable civilly or criminally for any adverse reaction suffered by the student as a result of administering the medication or discontinuing the administration of the medication.


Administrative Guidelines

Principal shall designate an employee to administer medication to a student during periods when the student is under the control of the school, subject to the following conditions:


  1. SHCS has received from the parent, legal guardian, or other person having legal control of the student, a current written and signed request to administer the medication to the student during regular school hours. See Attachment A (Medication Permission Form)
  2. Authorization for administration of medication by school personnel may be withdrawn by the school at any time after actual notification to the parent/guardian should problems or difficulties occur, such as:

a. The parent/guardian has been non-compliant with the medication policy; or

b. The student has been non-compliant with the medication policy by:

1. Refusing medication repeatedly; or

2. Frequently not coming for medication at appointed time.


  1. The student’s Health Care Provider has provided a signed statement describing the method, amount, and time schedule for administration, and a statement that administration of medication by school employees during periods when the student is under the control of the school is medically necessary. See Attachment A (Medication Permission Form)
  2. All medication that is to be given at school must be furnished by the parent or guardian and delivered to the school by a responsible adult.
  3. All medications for students must be clearly labeled with the student’s name, dose, and route of administration. All medication must be in the original container or in a standard pharmacy provided and labeled container.
  4. All medication provided to the school is to be kept in a secure location under lock and key.
  5. The Principal will designate staff to administer medication at school. Persons administering medications shall be trained by a Nurse or other designated, qualified person. Provision shall be made for another employee to perform these functions when the assigned employee is absent or unavailable. Documentation of this will be on the medication administration form. See Attachment B (Training Form to Administer Medications At School)
  6. A record including the type of medication, amount, and the time and day it was administered must be kept for each student receiving medication at school. The parent to provide a current picture for this log. The person administering the medication must sign the record each time medication is given. See Attachment C (Daily Medication Administration Log)
  7. Student in grades K-7 may not carry prescription or non-prescription medications on their person.
  8. Students in grades 8 may not carry prescription medication on their person. Students in grades 8 may carry one day’s supply of non-prescription (over the counter) medications in the original container on their person.
  9. Exceptions are granted in cases where the student’s health care plan dictates. Exceptions are limited to Epi-pens, inhalers, diabetic supplies, and pancreatic enzymes.
  10. Routine administration of non-prescription medication and herbal supplements to be administered to students by school personnel will follow the same protocol as prescription medication, requiring a prescribing practitioner’s statement and parental or guardian consent before administration.
  11. Assigned school personnel may only administer oral, topical, and inhalant medication. School personnel will not give medications requiring other routes of administration.
  12. School personnel will not administer prescribed controlled substances. Being under the influence of a controlled substance violates Federal Safe School Policy 10100, Chapter 2, Section I, #5.
  13. Medication permission forms, Asthma forms, Epinephrine Authorization forms, and Glucagon forms must be submitted annually. A new form must be submitted with any changes to medication.
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