Board Meeting April, 2014

SHCS Board Meeting
April 22, 2014
6:30 pm
Brenda Hedden’s Office

Parents: Brenda Chamberlain, Kim Dalby!
Administration: Brenda Hedden, Brendan McGinn, Joan Kohler
Board Members: Amber Bates, Michelle Barratt, Rhett Roberts

Amber called the meeting to order at 6:41pm

1. Parent Question and Answers: Kim: How soon will there be a decision on Mastery Based Learning?
There has been one site visit so far, and one scheduled for May.

2. Mrs. Hedden/Mr. McGinn reports: Postponed until later in the meeting when more Board members are in attendance.

3. PTO report: Staff Appreciation week is May 5-9. Tarahumara lunch on Thursday; Friday breakfast by Board. Parents will cover classroom for a few minutes on Friday morning. Students will do a craft for their teachers every day. ACTION-Brenda will order a gift for each teacher each day. ACTION-Michelle will find class coverage for 8:00-8:25 for Friday. School talent show will be May 30; auditions May 23.
ACTION-Brenda will talk to Mrs. Gallo about holding the farmer’s market again this year. Field day is June 2 from 10am until the end of the day. Brenda C. requested a project to commemorate the end of the middle school by placing engraved bricks for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. It will cost approximately $300. Discussion ensued about options.

4. CC Report: The plan for Land Trust money is to fund the LA curriculum. Leftover funds can be used for art and science support. Kim Dalby, Karen Starring, and Megan Reed will continue next year; 3 positions will be open and elections will be held mid-May.
(Patrick Godfrey enters 7:08pm)
ACTION—Brenda will send a link for the Board to watch the Land Trust videos on their own time.

2. Mrs. Hedden/Mr. McGinn reports:
A. Mrs. Hedden: Mark South will be our new Spanish teacher. Title IIa monitoring visited was completed. USDA has surplus computers.!(Dave Sullivan enters 7:14pm)
We could have them by Monday. The 8th grade visited WHS. This Friday, RMMS counselors will visit us and our 6th and 7th will visit them in May. 3 teacher focus groups are created. 1. Will prepare a “response to intervention” process for evaluating students for special ed. 2. Will focus on Mastery Based Learning.

3. Will review LA curriculum and be ready to present to the Board in June.
B. Mr McGinn: Has met with teachers to discuss his role. Attended finance training and budget planning with Joan. Has made school visits for Mastery Based Learning, GoMath training, SAGE training for teachers. SAGE starts April 28. Moab trip is tomorrow.

5. Budget Review: Joan—Enrollment next year is 288. 2nd, 4th, 5th grades are full. Discussed procedure for accepting a 7th grader for the rest of the year.
(Brenda Chamberlain leaves 7:47pm)
Joan—the IRS does not currently have anyone designated to take the checks back and start a refund process. We have 2 years to return them. Agreed to not send them back until we get a protected claim confirmation. Joan explained the URS Handout and reviewed the budget. Discussed hiring a new
auditor. ACTION— Dave will send contact info for a possible new auditor to Joan. Brenda is looking into some new grants and has 2 parents willing to help.

6. Policies:
A. Field Trip: Of the two written policies, a MOTION was made to adopt the shorter field trip policy with the addition of the following paragraphs from the longer policy:

1. Accessibility/Equal Opportunity,

2. Students with Disabilities,

3. Affordability,

4. Health and Safety,

5. Emergency Field Trip
Procedures. A second MOTION was made to adopt the policy as stated above to be effective August 1st pending a 30 day online review for parents. ALL IN FAVOR
B. Conflict of Interest: Remove from agenda until Brenda and Dave meet.
C. Concussion: MOTION to approve as last discussed. ALL IN FAVOR.
(Kim Dalby leaves 9:32pm)
D. Employee Leave: MOTION to approve Maternity and Paternity leave with the following
changes: 1. Remove paragraphs IIA and IIC. Remove the word “building” from IID. ALL IN FAVOR.
!E. Educator Evaluation: Postpone
!F. Corporal Punishment Prohibition: Postpone
!G. Electronic Devices: Postpone!
H. Emergency Procedures: Postpone
I. Employment Agreement: Postpone. ACTION—Mark will help rewrite the policy.

7. Review Steps/Lanes: MOTION to freeze the steps and lanes for 2014-15 school year. ALL IN FAVOR!

8. Upcoming Board Elections: For 2014-15, Patrick and Michelle will be staying, Amber or Dave will stay an extra year, 2 positions will be elected, and the new Board will appoint 2 other positions. Elections will be held May 19-23. ACTION—Amber will get requests for applications to the newsletter.

9. May Staff BBQ: Thursday May 22, 6pm. ACTION—Rhett will provide hot dogs and hamburgers.
ACTION—Michelle will post sign up sheets for staff to bring buns and sides, reserve Southfield Park, and
produce flyer.

10. New Business: None

11. Next Meeting: May 13, 6:30pm

MOTION to adjourn 10:00pm ALL IN FAVOR

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