Board Meeting, May 2014

SHCS Board Meeting
May 13, 2014
6:30 pm

Parents: Karen Starring, Kim Dalby, Lori & Mike Hampton, Marina Cortopassi, Brenna Schaffer, Jessica Munk, Jill Frisk, Colette Broadhead, Brenda Chamberlain, Jenny Webb, Crystal Miller, Missy Felsted, Claudia Heusch, Mardee Godfrey, Jill Thomas, Melisa Brady, Trisha Livingstone
Administration: Brenda Hedden, Brendan McGinn, Joan Kohler
Board Members: David Sullivan, Amber Bates, Patrick Godfrey, Michelle Barratt, Rhett Roberts, Mark Smedley
Staff: Bethany Mumford, Nancy Christensen, Erin Kemp

David called the meeting to order at 6:41

1. Approve April Minutes
MOTION by David to approve April minutes. ALL IN FAVOR
2. Parent Questions and Answers
Jill Thomas led the questions regarding the new administration decisions, roles assigned to
administration, communication with parents, curriculum concerns, and mastery based learning. David reviewed the decision making processes over the past few months. A suggestion was made to have parent meetings more often and a public meeting to evaluate the decisions made was requested.
ACTION: Dave will ask the State about the requirements to amend the minutes about administration

Called to order again at 8:16pm

3. Mrs. Hedden/Mr. McGinn report
Mrs. Hedden: An emergency preparedness plan is up for review. ACTION: Will put it on google drive for others to review. ACTION: Michelle will put on the policies list for next month’s meeting.
Discussed teacher evaluations, RMMS visit, CACTUS training, $11,000 more is available from the general fund, talent show, Richard Paul Evans assembly, Spirit week, blanket drive for Summit Co. CJC.
Mr. McGinn: Discussed Moab trip, SAGE progress, budget plans, Teton Journey school, teacher assignments for 2014-15
Kindergarten: Brooke Lee, Debbie Forbes
1st: Bethany Mumford, Lindsey Kearney
2nd: MaryAnn Cineus, Nancy Christensen
3rd: Nate Drozd, New Hire
4th: Brendan McGinn-Math, Kelly Gallo-Science and school-wide EE, Shannon Poirier-LA, SS
5th: Clark Gallo, New Hire
6th: Robin McGinn, Jen Drozd (after Christmas), Karla Willis sub until then

4. PTO Report
!Discussed Staff Appreciation week, field day, graduation bricks, painting 4-square on asphalt, stolen parking cones, 6th-8th grade play, next year’s PTO board!

5. CC Report
Kim Dalby will continue as chair next year. Parent survey will be done the last week of May. Board is asked to submit questions to CC.

6. Budget Review.
The IRS is pushing for a decision by June 15. Toni will be writing a procedure for sending the checks back, but we need to approve that procedure before acting. Budget was reviewed. Still looking for another auditor. Discussed frustrations with current auditor. Rhett and David have met with John to reevaluate our rent. When the head of the Legacy Foundation is appointed in June, discussions can
Patrick leaves 9:21pm
Brenda’s salary can be partly paid by Special Ed funds

7. Policies

A. Conflict of Interest: MOTION by Mark to adopt the policy with changes in the interim until more discussion. ALL IN FAVOR
B. Educator Evaluation: MOTION to move to next meeting. ALL IN FAVOR
C. Corporal Punishment Prohibition: moved to 30 day review
D. Electronic Devices: The form/policy will be updated by next year and an acceptable use
agreement will be created for 2014-15. ACTION : Jill Thomas’ husband will look at umbrella protection for us. MOTION by David to approve with changes ALL IN FAVOR
E. Emergency Procedures: Covered earlier in #3
F. Employment Agreement: Brendan will look at the budget to determine feasibility of paying teachers for their conference attendance. MOTION to approve with changes. ALL IN FAVOR MOTION to make changes specifically on 2.2.1 ALL IN FAVOR

8. New Business
A. Items for next agenda: Fall Gala, Emergency Procedures, Reevaluate position on IRS
checks, Differentiated learning options and how do we respond and update practices, discuss frequency of parent meetings, health insurance/EMI.
B. ACTION Brenda will resend the Land Trust video for board review.

9. Next meeting: June 10, 2014; 6:30pm

MOTION to adjourn 10:50pm. ALL IN FAVOR

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