Board Meeting Minutes September 2013


Board Members present:  Amber Bowers-Bates, Jami Oram, Patrick Godfrey, Lonny Reed, Michelle Barratt.  Dave Sullivan is excused on a medical leave of absence.  Others attending:  Brenda Hedden, Joan Kohler, Kelly Gallo, Jessica Heimburger, Deanne Foster of LegalShield.


Meeting called to order at 6:34pm by Amber


  1. 1.   Deanne Foster of Legal Shield gave a presentation of her company’s options to consider.  She will follow up with Brenda next week and Brenda will make a decision about bringing her back to talk to the staff and present as an option. (Jessica arrived 6:39, Lonny arrived 6:54)
  2. 2.   Questions and Answers Kelly suggested we have a enforcable dress code based on a measurement of width of shoulder strap on tank tops.  Board agreed that the details are a management issue and we would be glad to approve it once it is written if desired.

3.  Budget Review  Joan gave a review of the preliminary AFR.  We are also waiting to        hear from the IRS about cashing the checks sent to us.  After discussion, Board agreed to keep the checks for now, per the IRS instructions, without depositing them or dispersing them to teachers.  The first check we received was cashed, but we are assured it is from an overpayment, not part of an amendment.  Board will revisit this when we hear more from the IRS or when we get closer to the year expiration on the checks.

4.  Purchasing Policy  Board has not had time to read through the policy options.  Agreed to meet directly after school tomorrow to vote.

5.  Strategic Planning Committee  Discussion about the need for this committee to ensure focus on short and long term goals, maintain vision, and provide continuity between board member changes.  Amber motioned to create the committee, unanimous.

6.  Automated Attendance System  No price was given to Brenda, but the company, Complete Campus Security Solution, is pushing to set up a meeting to present to her.  7.  CRT Grading Schools Review  Brenda reviewed the CRT scores for SHCS and the State averages.

8.  Revolving Account  Discussion of the option to apply for this.  After determining it is a loan and a discussion of our current debt, decision was made to wait until next year to discuss applying.

9.  New Business  Brenda discussed some things brought up in the recent staff meeting.

A.  Parents are expressing frustration in not knowing how to volunteer 3 or more hours each week.

  1. B.  Discussion of the roles of the PTO, the Community Council, and the Board.  Discussed inviting representatives of the PTO and the Community Council to the October board meeting to discuss how the 3 groups can work together to fulfill the goals and needs of SHCS.  Patrick motioned to invite, unanimous.  Brenda agreed to make the invitation to PTO and CC.  (Jessica left meeting at 9:03).  Questions to discuss at next meeting include:  Can families buy volunteer hours? How should the PTO be organized and how should it function in our school community?  Can we have a parent volunteer in charge of finding substitues for teachers?  Can we have room parents to coordinate volunteers?
  2. C.    A teacher has asked if SHCS will pay a stipend if an employee chooses to opt out of the healthcare benefit.  Patrick made a motion to have the teacher get the data on how this would be possible and present it to the Board.  Unanimous.
  3. D.    Patrick offered to donate the hosting as part of the same plan for his business.  He is now updating the website and would like to pass the responsibility to someone else when we get full control over the website.
  4. E.    Discussion of the possibility of doing a fundraiser at the Fall Gala to fund the greenhouse.
  5. 10.   Next Meeting  October 8, 2013 at 6:30pm.  Lonny will invite a guest presenter to present information about building a new facility.


Jami motioned to adjourn at 9:18.  Unanimous.


September 13, 2013.  At 12:45pm Board members met in Brenda’s office.  Present:  Amber Bowers-Bates, Jami Oram, Michelle Barratt.  Patrick Godfrey by phone.  Amber motioned to enact a revised version of Spectrum Academy’s Financial Policy. Unanimous.



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