Board Meeting Minutes-April 2015

SHCS Board Meeting Minutes

April 14th, 2015




Administration: Brenda H., Joan K.

Board Members:  Mark S., Robert C. Crystal M., Mike P.

Staff and Parents:  Lindsey K., Samantha H.


Called to order at 6:45 by Mike P.


MOTION to approval March minutes by Mike P, second Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Principal Report by Brenda H.:
    1.  Plans are being made for a 5K fundraiser in September.
    2. A SHCS student won a statewide art poster contest.
    3. Joan and Brenda out for required training next week.
    4. Brenda is applying for 2 grants (a k-3 reading initiative and extended day kindergarten grant).
    5. An after school reading program is being established using iready.
    6. Brenda continues to work on establishing a golf program.
    7. The school farmers’ market is starting this Friday
    8. The leased iPads will be paid off this month.
    9. Teacher appreciation week is the first week of May, daily gifts and breakfast will be provided.

MOTION to approve a budget of $2400 to buy iPads by Mark S., second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR.

Arrival of board member Rhett R. at 7:00pm.

  1. Community Council Report by Brenda H.:
    1. Community Council is meeting this Friday, and will include training.
    2. Elections for next years CC need to be held.
    3. Next year schools will receive 3% of land trust funds.  Land trust funds will be used for EE education, Project Wild training, updating computers, and fertilizer and seed for school garden.  Any extra funds will go to wards language arts and science curriculum.
  2. New Legislation report by Brenda H.:  Public Education Summary reviewed.  There will be increased per student funding for 2016  The State Legislature focused on math.


  1. PTO  report by Brenda H.:
  2. Field day is scheduled for May 28th.
  3. PTO wants to move student bricks to school garden.
  4. $1500 was raised for books at the school book fair.


  1. Budget Reviewed by Joan K.:
    1. Budget has been adjusted to include Social Security payments.
    2. ASPIRE program charges for 2015-2016 needs to be added to budget.
    3. Enrollment for next year is currently at 278.
    4. Busing will be added to the budget but should be a budget neutral item.


  1. Social Security Update:  Legal representation has been hired and a power of attorney signed.


  1. Busing contract reviewed.  Brenda will contact Charter to discuss contract details.

MOTION to get a quarterly contract from Charter and market bus seats by Crystal M, second by Mark S., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Lease:  Brenda H. would like board members to engage in lease discussions soon.  David S, Rhett R. and Mike P. will move forward this month.


  1. Calendar : The Calendar for 2015-2016 needs approval.


  1.  MOTION to approve calendar for 2015-2016 school year by Mike P, second by Mark S., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Policies for review:  Review Student Conduct document for next meeting.


  1. Board Member Elections:  Elections are held in May.  Candidate applications will be accepted until the end of the month.

MOTION by Mark S. to open Amber and Patrick’s board seats for election in May.  Patrick’s seat would be a full three-year term.  Candidate submission will be taken until the end of April, Second by Rhett R.  ALL IN FAVOR.

  1.  Next Board meeting is scheduled for May 12th

MOTION TO Adjourn at 9:15pm by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.


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