Board Meeting Minutes April 2016


April 12th, 2016




Board:  Robert C., Crystal M., Erin M, Mike P., David M.

Administration and staff:  Brenda H., Jennifer W., Samantha H.

Other:  Rich E., Royce V. (association of public charter schools)


Called to order at 6:43pm by Robert C.


MOTION to approve minutes for February and March by Robert C, second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Presentation by Royce V. on changes in LRF because of passage of SB 38.  Estimated increase from 2017 is $194 per student.
  2. Budget review by Rich E.
  3. Special Ed Program Improvement Plan by Jennifer W. – discussed risk scores and goals for improvement. Review of changes to Soldier Hollow IDEA Policies and Procedure Manual.


MOTION to approve the 2015-2016 Special Education Policies and Procedure Manual by Robert C., second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.


Shannon W., board member, arrived at 7:51pm.


  1. PTO report by Lara G. – We need someone to mow the field about the 2nd grade portable for field day. Field day is scheduled for June 2nd.  No raffle next year.  Will explore getting a booth at the local fair this summer.
  2. Community Council by Brenda H. – garage sale has been cancelled. Land trust goals for next year discussed.
  3. Land Trust goals for 2016-2017 – Community Council would like to pay for 2 aides for next year for 2nd thru 6th Aides would help with math and English leveling.  Also, $2000 for art supplies and funds for 4 teachers to get their EE certificate.  Additional funding


MOTION to approve Land Trust goals by Robert C., second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Principals report by Brenda H. – Brenda will attend STEM conference tomorrow.  Discussed use of iReady in classrooms.  Teacher appreciation is the 1st week of May.  Board will provide a teacher breakfast.  It has been difficult to start a golf program, Brenda continues to contact Bruce and the Pros to discuss a schedule.  Archery program is up and running.
  2. Copy Machines – tabled until next month
  3. Teacher salary schedule for 2-16-2017 – discussed, will review again at May meeting.
  4. Math leveling – proposed concept of hiring an aide in grades 2-6 to increase differentiated/tiered instruction. Discussed task based teaching.
  5. Teacher salary schedule for 2016-2017 – tabled until next month.
  6. Board positions – 2 positions up for election this year. Elections will be held May 16th– May 20th.
  7. Real Estate Committee and MUO – review of DUO. Comparison of current lease versus potential mortgage at Charleston property.


MOTION to authorize a binding counter offer on the Charleston property with a 60-day due diligence period and no earnest money by Robert C., second by David M., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Next meeting May 10th, 2016 at 6:30pm


MOTION to adjourn at 10:06pm by Robert C., second Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.






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