Board Meeting Minutes August 2014



Administration:  Brenda Hedden, Joan Kohler

Board Members:  David Sullivan, Patrick Godfrey, Crystal Miller

Staff:  Nancy Christensen


Meeting called to order by David Sullivan at 6:40pm


  1. Mrs. Hedden report:

a)     An art specialist has been hired and a schedule will be determined this week.

b)     Two days of differentiated instruction will take place on August 13th and 14th.

c)      Mrs. Hedden recently attended a charter school director meeting, conveyed need for school board members to complete online training modules.  Board members also required to complete a background check.

d)     A new template for staff meetings has been implemented, staff meetings will be posted to Google drive within 24 hours.

e)     Professional development plans were given to staff at August 12th staff meeting.  Staff has been informed of expectations of principal “walk thru”.

f)       Mrs. Hedden recently signed an assurance form relative to school policies.


  1.  The timing of the Fall Gala and Drawing will be separated this year with the Fall Gala taking place on November 8th and the Drawing taking place in late September or early October.  Brenda will contact 4th and 6th grade parents about organizing the drawing.


  1. Parent meeting scheduled for September 4th.  Board members, community council and PTO members will present information about Soldier Hollow, parent expectations and fundraisers.


  1. Budget report by Joan.  Annual financial report reviewed.  There is a meeting with an IRS representative Friday, August 15th.  IRS representative states they are very close to a decision.


  1. Full day kindergarten fee to remain at $140 a month with a 10% discount offered to those who pay in advance.


  1. Rhett Roberts and David Sullivan will meet with director of Soldier Hollow Foundation to negotiate new rental rate.


  1. Policy approval tabled until next meeting.


  1. Next meeting September 16th at 6:30pm


MOTION to adjourn by David, 8:08pm.  ALL IN FAVOR







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