Board Meeting Minutes-August 2015


August 25th, 2015




Board Members:  Crystal M., Robert C., Erin M., David M.,  Mike P.

Administration & Staff:  Brenda H., Nancy C., Brooke L.

Others:  Ivana R., Lynn A.


Called to order at 6:42pm by Robert C.

MOTION to approval June 2015 meeting minutes by Robert C., Second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Principal report:
    1. Staff had Google training and Project WET training this summer.
    2. Leadership positions have been created within the staff.  (For example, EE leaders, school spirit, social coordinator, differentiated instruction)
    3. Total enrollment is currently at 279.
    4. Decision to reinstate grades 7 & 8 needs to be made by the end of the year.

Board member Shannon W. arrives at 6:55pm

  1. Parent questions:  Request for reinstatement of 7 & 8 grade by Ivana R. and Lynn A.
  2. Board Position Elections:

MOTION to appoint Robert C. as Board Chair by Mike P., second by David M., ALL IN FAVOR.

Current Board Positions:  Chair – Robert C., Vice -Chair – Mike P., Treasurer – Rhett R., Secretary – Crystal M.


  1. Committee Assignments:

Lease committee – David M., Brenda H., and Mike P.

7th/8th grade committee – Crystal M., Shannon W.

Parent Involvement committee – Erin M.

  1. Update on Social Security Issue – deferred until next month
  2. Budget Review
  3. Lease – committee will contact Richard and begin lease negotiations
  4. Next meeting September 8th, 2015 at 6:30pm


MOTION to adjourn at 8pm by Robert C., second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.






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