Board Meeting Minutes August 2016



In attendance: Michael Proper, Shannon Wilson, Erin Merryweather, Robert Cortopassi, Shannon Poirer, Joanne Mortensen, Brenda Hedden, Paul K. Savage, Esq.


Meeting called to order @ 6:46p


Paul Savage, tax attorney for SHCS, reviewed history of SHCS engagement with IRS on issue of Social Security withholdings and status of SHCS as an instrumentality of the State.  Recommended SHCS accept the IRS’ proposed settlement of $20,000.  This closes out any disagreements between SHCS and the IRS about withholding amounts or refunds during tax years 2009-2014 except as noted below…


There remains an outstanding potential liability for a misreporting of withholdings in Q4 of 2012.  This appears to have been an error by Joan or the payroll company in sending mismatched W-2s and 941s.  Paul believes there’s a strong likelihood this will be dismissed, but recommended continuing to carry a liability on the balance sheet of approx. $30k-$40k until final resolution.


Motion to move to closed session by Robert Cortopassi @ 7:16p (to discuss IRS litigation), second Shannon Wilson, all in favor.


Out of closed session @ 7:44p


Motion to approve IRS Settlement on 2009-2014 tax years and remit payment of $20,000 by Robert Cortopassi, second by Erin Merryweather, all in favor.


Motion to approve minutes from June and July board meetings by Erin M., second Michael Proper, all in favor.


Principal Hedden gave overview of Summer training programs for teachers, new hires for this school year.


Discussion of sending clarification letter to parents re: UOLF’s management of Soldier Hollow site, and the school’s options to continue on the property.  Joanne to draft an initial response for internal review.  Once approved by the leadership team, we will solicit UOLF’s approval before sending to parents and staff.


Discussion of proposed lease from UOLF.  Bob to send follow-up email proposing 1 yr contract with 1 yr auto-renewals and correct language on fee calculation to match the existing lease.


Discussion of continuing to work NJRA as an architecture, engineering and project management assistance firm.  Approved (no resolution needed), but formal contract needs to come before the board for approval before signature.


Discussion of benefits cost increase ($36,000/yr not in budget).  Need to evaluate options to provide competitive benefits to teachers, while meeting financial needs of the school.  Will consider full subsidy with other budget cuts, partial subsidy and participation by teachers, eliminate health insurance plan and provide those funds to teachers to secure their own insurance coverage on a private basis, etc.


Motion to adjourn by Robert Cortopassi @ 9:53p, second by Joanne Mortensen, all in favor.



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