Board Meeting Minutes December 2013



Parents: Erin Kemp, Stephanie Roberts
Faculty: Brendan McGinn, Bethany Mumford, Jen Drozd
Administration: Brenda Hedden, Joan Kohler
Board Members: Patrick Godfrey, Amber Bates, Michelle Barratt
Patrick Godfrey called meeting to order at 6:37pm.
1. Approve Minutes. MOTION to approve by Patrick. ALL IN FAVOR
2. Auditor’s Report—Auditor is not present; David Sullivan is also not present because of
surgery. Agreed to wait until next month.
3. Budget Review—Joan Kohler. Reviewed budget report; discussed charging ski fee to 6,
7, 8th grades; Brenda is challenging the State funding deficiency.
!ACTION—Brenda will keep in touch with Kathy to clear deficiency question. Discussion
of other ways to increase income.
ACTION—Brenda will check with the parent who has volunteered to write grants.
MOTION by Patrick to forego a winter break fundraiser. ALL IN FAVOR.
January agenda item to look at budget deficiency and areas to lessen financial burden.
Joan Kohler leaves—7:16pm!
4. Parent Question and Answers.
! Brendan McGinn discussed Moab trip. He is concerned about liability issues for
teachers, school. Wants the board to make the final decision. Discussion ensued.
ACTION—Amber will ask Sol at Risk Management what we can do to make the trip
more safe and sustainable for the future.
MOTION by Patrick to put on the agenda for January ALL IN FAVOR!
Brendan McGinn leaves—7:42pm!
5. Principal’s Report-Brenda Hedden
Discussed Festival of Trees, Nutcracker performance, door decorating contest, spirit
week, UCA report, Title 1 funds being released, Social Security.
ACTION—Brenda will forward the email she has about the current situation.
ACTION Brenda will call the SS supervisor in Indiana and report to board
6. PTO Report-Stephanie Roberts.
Ski program is starting but still needs volunteers. Youth ski league is charging $25 for
after school care and teachers will watch the students. Discussing changes to Olympic teams
and cultural event days. A survey was sent to teachers and will go with majority’s choice.
7. Community Council—Erin Kemp.
Kim will be the new chair with Karen Starring as 2nd. Updated Board on starting a
Safety Planning Committee in January, teacher CPR training, Honors breakfast, perfect
attendance award. Breakfast with Santa was cancelled. Discussed family nights and ongoing
interest in school community events. Patrick proposed to the CC to find other helpers for these
events to spread the workload, as the Board is in favor of continuing these events. Technology
purchasing is on hold right now.
8. Policies
A. Field Trip.
MOTION by Patrick for CC to write up a field trip policy and present to the Board. ALL IN FAVOR
B. Homework.
MOTION by Patrick to approve as presented. ALL IN FAVOR
C. Concussion. This will be moved to next month, adding CC suggestions.  Erin Kemp, Jen Drozd leave 9:00pm
D. Fee Policy.
MOTION by Patrick to approve as is. ALL IN FAVOR
E. Emergency Procedures.  ACTION—Brenda will look for other entities’ procedures that work in conjunction with police and fire departments. Will add to next month’s agenda.
ACTION—Patrick will forward Roland Hall’s policy to Brenda to review.
ACTION—Amber will forward the policy from Park City School district for review.
ACTION—Brenda will check with local police, fire, and school districts for information.
9. 30 Day Review of Policies. Brenda gave Board folders of policies to review for next
10. Vote to appoint Board positions.
MOTION by Patrick to appoint Mark and Rhett through the end of this year and then hold an election to replace the positions, pending legality check of this process. ALL
ACTION Michelle will check the bylaws, charter school board rules, and Roberts Rules
of Order for the proper action in this case.
11. Middle School—Pushed to next month and earlier on agenda because of length of this
ACTION—Brenda will make a pros/cons list to guide discussion.
12. New Business. None.
13. Next Meeting. January 14, 2013 6:30pm
MOTION by Patrick to adjourn at 9:49pm ALL IN FAVOR
14. Executive Session not held!

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