Board Meeting Minutes December 2015


December 8th, 2015




Administration:  Brenda H.

Staff:  Lindsey Kearney, Lindsey Bowen

Board Members:  Robert C., Crystal M., Erin M., Shannon W., David M., Mike P.

Other:  Lara Graham, Colette Broadhead, Rich Eccles


Meeting called to order at 6:40pm by Robert C.


MOTION to approve November minutes by Robert C., second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Financial Statement review by Charter Solutions by Rich Eccles.
  2. PTO report by Lara G.: Raffle currently underway. Skiing starts this month and Olympic schedule has been set.  February 25th is Cultural Day and March 4th is the Olympics.
  3. Community Council report by Colette B.: Next meeting is this Thursday.  The priority of community council will be to establishing a school improvement plan.  The improvement plan will help guide our use of land trust funds.
  4. Principal report by Brenda H.: Ice-skating kicked off this week and will go for six weeks.  A penny war is underway.  Classes are sponsoring Sub for Santa families and Crisis Center for Women and Children families.
  5. No update on social security issue.
  6. New Board Member update and board position
  7. Dual enrollment – law has recently changed, charter school must accept dual enrollment students. Brenda will craft a policy to address this issue.
  8. Charter Fidelity Monitoring Survey reviewed.
  9. Staff Christmas party: This Thursday at the lodge and will include a turkey dinner by Lola’s.

MOTION to approve Christmas bonuses of $200 for full time employees and $100 for part time employees by Robert C., second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Lease and Property reviews: slide presentation on options for future school locations versus current lease.
  2. New business: fundraising suggestions for Soiree

MOTION to go to closed session to discuss details of real estate negotiations and personnel matters by Robert C., second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR. 

MOTION to adjourn by Robert C. at, second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.


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