Board Meeting Minutes June 2013



Board Members Attending: David Sullivan, Amber Bates, Claudia Heusch and Lonny Reed. Others attending: Brenda Hedden (Principal), Ivana Radu (parent), Michelle Barratt, Patrick Godfrey (new Board members) and Joan Kohler.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by David Sullivan. The meeting is also being recorded.
1. Parents questions and answers: The Dirty Dash is this week-end. School is just doing balloons this time as a fundraiser. Karla needs help.
2. New Board Members: David Sullivan congratulated and welcomed our two new Board members, Michelle Barratt and Patrick Godfrey. He reviewed the new rules reminding everyone that elected Board Members will now serve for three years. Patrick introduced himself stating that this was his first year at Soldier Hollow. He has three children attending. He is thrilled with Soldier Hollow. He is the Tech director for Rowland Hall and also owns his own business. He will take over e-mail on the school website. He needs to change Board e-mail to include new members and remove those leaving. Jami Oram has been working with Facebook and Twitter for the school. Michelle Barrett has been at the school for .three years and currently has 2 children attending. Michelle worked in the attendance office last year.
3. Minutes: Amber Bates, David Sullivan and Claudia Heusch were at the last Board meeting so they reviewed the minutes. There was a short discussion so new Board members could be updated on our salary scale. There was one addition to the minutes that Brenda Hedden (management) makes decisions on salaries. David Sullivan made motion to approve minutes with that addition. Amber Bates seconded the motion and all were in favor.
4. Policies: These policies were handed out and discussed at last Board meeting. Any corrections and voting were to be at this meeting. Board members discussed and modified. The Parent Involvement Policy will be posted on the website. There will be two nights during the year for Title 1 presentations to parents. David Sullivan made motion to approve Parent Involvement Policy. Claudia Heusch seconded the motion and all were in favor. It was noted that new Board members would not vote at this time because their term begins on July 1, 2013. Grading Policy and philosophy were discussed. Specifically the standards for ‘Incomplete’ were discussed and accepted. Trying to asses a student’s true academic progress. Grading needs to be continuous not just at end of term. Amber Bates made motion for no zeros, a second option on the policy, and Claudia Heusch seconded it. All were in favor. The Teacher, Parent, Student Compact was reviewed. Teachers wanted acknowledgement of Grading Policy in this compact. David Sullivan made motion to approve and Claudia Heusch seconded it. All were in favor. Classroom Interruption Policy was discussed. David Sullivan made motion to approve with Amber Bates seconding it. All were in favor. Attendance Policy, as discussed in last month’s meeting, goes according to our Charter which says we accept the Wasatch School District Attendance Policy.
5. Policies to Approve Next Meeting: Field Trip Driving Policy, Sick Leave Incentive, Purchasing Procedure’s, and Employee Ethics.
6. Social Security Update: David Sullivan updated new members on the school’s decision in March to go Social Security Exempt. Joan Kohler gave an update of where we were in the process of filing corrected 941 returns and where the IRS is in terms of reviewing them. There is a glitch with the IRS accepting Charter Schools as being able to go Social Security Exempt. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and our refunds will be processed. There was a discussion on how faculty was interpreting the refunds but, hopefully, their questions have all been answered. Discussion on field trips, new form, and our liability.
7. Ceation of five year plan: Discussion on where we’re at with five year plan now that we have taken parent survey and have results. There was talk of not having 7th and 8th grade. We cannot offer everything the state requires. We don’t have faculty or facilities. Our 7th and 8th grades do well on CRTs.  Teachers need to work towards HQ credentials. Brenda’s opinion is this next year should stay status quo. We are moving some teachers classrooms and we might need some aides. Brenda discussed her meeting with teachers who she wanted to change class assignments and the outcome of this meeting. Next year there will be change in practices or the Discussion on grants and who should write them. Discussion on rent rate staying the same but less for kindergarteners. Discussion on looking for property close by for a new facility. State law says Charter school doesn’t need building permit. We need organization, funding and to start building relationships with city and county officials. Brenda is meeting with Howard to see if we can bring in another portable for Art. We need to be the greenest new school in Utah. We should be State of the Art with recycling. In three years portables will be paid off, then save loan payment for a year. Lonny will help out with new facility even though he won’t be part of the Board. Need to have solid plan and put out to parents.
8. Audit: David Sullivan will check on quote from Squire.
9. David made motion to adjourn at 9:50 pm. Claudia seconded it and all were in favor.
10. Retreat will be August 9th 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Next Board meeting will be September 10th.


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