Board Meeting Minutes May 2013



Board Members Attending: David Sullivan, Amber Bates, Claudia Heusch and Jami Oram by telephone. Others attending: Brenda Hedden (Principal), Nancy Christensen, Matt Sproul, Kaara Peterson, Brooke Allen, Jessica Heimburger, Linda Brown, Lori Christensen (teachers), Erin Kemp, Stephanie Phelps, Ivana Radu (parents), and Joan Kohler.

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by David Sullivan. The meeting was also being recorded.
1. Minutes: David made a motion to approve the March 6th, March 12th, March 26th and April 9th minutes with two corrections to the April 9th meeting. Claudia Heusch seconded it and all were in favor.
2. Calendar: Howard Peterson informed the school a couple of weeks ago that the dates for the Cross Country Championships in January had changed. School was to commence on January 8th but now races were going through the 10th. Claudia Heusch made a motion for school to commence on January 9th (no race) and deal with the race on the 10th which is a half day and also make January 7th and 8th Professional days instead of November 1st and January 18th, thus making up the days we need for the extra time off. Amber Bates seconded the motion. David Sullivan, Claudia Heusch and Amber Bates were in favor, Jami Oram was not in favor of the motion.
3. Teacher Salary Schedule: Brenda gave out packets to the Board members. It has been the intent that Soldier Hollow’s salary schedule was in between the Wasatch and Park City Districts schedule. It needed to be updated. Brenda explained the step and lane procedure. There was a discussion on what type of classes teachers could take that would add to their credits. It was determined that the Board would make that decision at the time. David made a motion to approve the changes Brenda had made to the salary schedule. Claudia seconded it and all members were in favor. Brenda continued stating that only a few teachers were on scale. There have been some discrepancies in certain teacher’s salaries over the years. Brenda hasn’t been able to determine why and now she has been discussing it with the teachers and believes we need to make things equal with all staff members. We also have aides and pathologists that are paid hourly and we want to try to follow the same guidelines with them as we do teachers. This could mean significant raises or lowering in salaries. Brenda asked how to handle this. Question is raised if this is up to Brenda or the Board. Board thinks that reviews and observations need to be taken into account. Individual salaries will be discussed further in executive session.
4. Review Policies: Brenda had made a packet for the Board with all of the policies she had for review at this time; Parent Involvement Policy, School-Parent Compact, Classroom Interruption Policy, Attendance Policy and Grading Policy. She read through the policies with the Board and wanted them to be reviewed and corrected before they are voted on next meeting. The Purchasing Policy falls under the new Procurement Law which needs clarification from the State Board. When that is complete we will implement a new Purchasing Policy. It was pointed out that on page 6 & 7 in our School Charter it states that we will adopt the Wasatch County School District policy on attendance and their “Safe School Policy.”
5. Vote Fee for Kindergarten Enrichment Program: Brenda contacted all the kindergarten parents by phone to see if they were interested in a full or half day program and if they were willing to pay a fee for full day kindergarten. She shared the results with the Board. Some parents were not able to be contacted but a message was left for them to contact the school. After a brief discussion David Sullivan made a motion to charge $100 per month for the full day kindergarten program. Amber Bates seconded it and everyone was in favor. Question was asked if staff would be required to pay that fee. After a brief discussion David Sullivan made a motion to not charge staff the kindergarten fee. Claudia Heusch seconded it. David Sullivan, Claudia Heusch and Amber Bates were in favor. Jami Oram was not in favor.
6. Community Council Update: Erin Kemp and Brenda Hedden went over the Teacher Survey. This was a hand written survey. Nine out of 11 teachers opted to not have 7th and 8th grade to help with facility space and physical responsibility. Other comments were to reduce energy costs, write more grants, have a regular prep time and some more creative ideas if funding were available. Discussion on whether to continue with 7th & 8th grades. Linda Brown, Speech Pathologist, added that our upper grades are getting more support here than they would in the other upper grade schools in the area. Special Ed is a priority for parents. A parent survey was put out last Friday and asked to be returned by Monday so we could have results for Board meeting. Sixty people, having one or two students at Soldier Hollow and having been here for three years, responded to the survey. The number one reason for being at Soldier Hollow was the small classes and the place-based learning. All of the questions and responses were gone into in great detail. Great survey.
7. Addendum to Lease: Brenda wrote up an addendum to our lease with Soldier Hollow Legacy that Howard Peterson had agreed to sign which would freeze our rent until the portables are paid off. Howard did sign and brought it back to Brenda last week.
8. Accreditation Update: Groups meet each week to work on their standard. Brenda meets with each group. Mary Ann Cineus who is working on Standard 2 which deals with policies had an affidavit for the Board to sign that said they would approve 5 policies each Board meeting. Mary Ann was not in attendance at the meeting but gave information to Amber Bates to have Board read and sign. Brenda reviewed over each group and how they were coming. Some had slow start and some a strong start but all are coming along well. Our site visit is scheduled for October 15th and 16th.
9. Misc. Items Discussed: Need to look at finances for next year. We can’t grow academic programs without funding. Discussed hiring a grant writer. Janet Lundstam would be interest in writing grants. Could cost $1000 to $1500 per month to write grants. Classes are available at the “U”. Erin Kemp mentioned that looking back we have always been able to fund raise for things we’ve needed. Maybe we should explore more fundraising options. Discussion on class sizes. Point was made that once we increase we can’t go back to smaller classes again. Board will look at some of these long term items over the summer at their retreat. We’ve had a rough year and we need to have more time to look at curriculum, class size and where we’re heading. Discussion on Parent meetings and we’re committed to two a year. One at the beginning of the year and one on Olympic Day. Parents in lower grades need access to SIS.
10. New Business: Next meeting policies will need to be approved. Need to discuss registration night.
11. Parent Questions: Ivana Radu wanted to know if parents can ask for specific teachers for their students. Brenda encouraged Ivana to discuss it with her.  Our ultimate goal is to have students happy.  A board member questioned whether all teachers are following our charter in their teaching methods. Teachers need to talk about what place based teaching is.
12. Board adjourned into executive session at 9:40 pm.

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