Board Meeting Minutes-May 2015


May 12th, 2015




Board: Crystal M., Robert C., David S., Amber B., Mark S., Mike P.

Administration: Brenda H., Joan K.

Staff: Jennifer S.


Call to order by David S. at 6:37pm


MOTION to approve April minutes by Robert C., second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.


1.  Principal Report by Brenda H.:

a.  Report on 4th and 5th grade field trips, both were a big success.  There was great parent participation.

b.  Last week was staff appreciation week; small gifts were given every day, lunch on Wednesday and breakfast on Friday.

c.  SAGE testing is going well, attendance is a challenge.  Brenda H. will review SAGE scores next week.


Arrival of board member Mike P. at 6:44pm


2.  Community Council Report/Land Trust Fund Plan:  Reviewed plan.


MOTION to pay off iPad invoice in full by Mark S., Second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.


3.  Budget Report by Joan K.:

a.  April’s numbers and year-end budget reviewed.

b.  Next year’s budget will be approved at June Board Meeting.


4.  Update on Social Security:  No change, waiting for response from the IRS.


5.  Busing for 2015-2016:  Eight people are currently signed up for busing next year.  Brenda will send a dedicated email to parents promoting busing.


6.  Lease:  Brenda H. and David S. have been communicating about lease and are working on creating a list of requests for the lease.


7.  Policies to Review:  Family in Good Standing Policy discussed.


MOTION to abolish existing Family in Good Standing Policy to be replaced by a document acknowledging parent involvement expectations by Mike P., Second by Mark S., ALL IN FAVOR.


8.  Grade Levels:  Soldier Hollow needs to go before State Board of Education to amend charter to return to K-6.


9.  School Name:  No change at this time


10.  Teacher Salaries:  Salaries were frozen last year; reviewed proposed salary increases for next year.  Will revisit this when the budget for 2015-2016 is approved.


11.  Teacher Employment Agreement:  Mike P. will provide Brenda H. with employee handbook documents and offer letter.


12.  Teton Science School Workshop by Jennifer S.:  Place based school that could be used as a model and help Soldier Hollow find a clearer vision.


13. Board member elections:  Applications due this Friday.


14.  Next Meeting Friday June 5th at 6:00pm.


MOTION to adjourn at 8:57pm by David S., ALL IN FAVOR.





















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