Board Meeting Minutes May 2016


May 10th




Board:  Robert C., Crystal M., Erin M., Mike P.

Administration and staff:  Brenda H., Jennifer W., Lisa W., Jennifer S., Nancy C., MaryAnn C.

Other:  Rich Eccles, Lara G.


Meeting called to order at 6:43pm by Robert C.

MOTION to approve April minutes by Mike P., second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Budget Review by Rich E. – 2016 budget thru April reviewed.  FY2017 proposed budget presented.
  2. PTO report by Lara G. – need additional PTO members. Currently working on Field day preparations.
  3. Community Council report by Brenda H. – no update
  4. Principal report by Brenda H. – Last week was teacher appreciation week. Brenda is having a very difficult time getting the golf program running.  She will reach out to the high school program.  The talent show was very successful, 18 acts performed.  5th grade had a fundraiser two weeks ago that met fundraising goals for the event.  The Ragnar race has offered us $3000 in fundraising money for parents to staff event.  Insurance was purchased today to cover student at Teton Science school per Risk Management.  A bus has been secured for the 4th grade Moab trip.


Board Member Shannon W. arrived at 7:35pm.

  1. Social Security update – IRS has requested addition information which our attorney will provide this month.  The attorney continues to be optimistic about our negotiations with IRS.
  2. Teacher salary schedule for 2016-2017 – Park City and Wasatch school systems have recently changed there steps and lanes schedules. Teachers present expressed their desire to continue with steps and lanes.  Board clarified desire to blend steps and lanes and a performance base model.
  3. Copier – Ricoh will give us money to help buy out our current lease. Reviewed copy machine proposal comparisons.  Will get copy accounts.
  4. Open House – Brenda would like to hold a open house for new families on May 27th.
  5. Board Elections – scheduled for next week. Applications due on the 18th.  Votes counted on the 22nd of May.
  6. Next meeting on June 14th at 6:30pm.

MOTION to go into closed session to discuss real estate by Robert C., second by Crystal M., ALL IN FAVOR.

Board entered executive session at 9:09pm.

Executive session ended at 9:50pm.

MOTION to adjourn at 10pm by Robert C., second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR.




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