Board Meeting Minutes November 2013



Parents: Jennifer Curtis, Tricia Livingstone, Brenda Chamberlain, Stephanie Roberts, Claudia Heusch, Erin Kemp, Rhett Roberts
Faculty: Nancy Christensen, Robin McGinn
Administration: Brenda Hedden, Joan Kohler
Board Members: Jami Oram, Amber Bates, Lonny Reed, David Sullivan, Patrick Godfrey
Amber Bates called meeting to order at 6:42pm.
1. Parent Question and Answers-None
2. Community Council update-Erin Kemp:

a.  Chromebooks and computers have been approved, Honors Breakfast, Family nights, Volunteer committee.
b.  Kim Dalby will be chair starting in January
3. PTO update-Brenda Chamberlain:  Walk to school day, Red Ribbon Week, Tobacco on Trial, Trunk or Treat, Book Fair,
Teacher Dinners for Parent Teacher conferences, Ski volunteer sign ups, Olympics
4. Budget update-Joan Kohler
a.. Gala and Raffle receipts and expenses, Ski fees, daycare before Youth Ski League,  payment for Language program, cleaning donations, Kindergarten Enrichment
b. Auditors will come next month to present financials.
c. No adjustments to the budget at this time.
d. Discussed families in good standing re: paying fees. Moving discussion to CC.
e. Social Security Update-David Sullivan
1. Situation currently under Pension Fund Committee at IRS. Waiting for ruling. The AG’s office has not heard from the IRS.
2. ACTION-David will attend staff meeting to discuss their input on the check being held.
5. Principal’s Report-Brenda Hedden:

a.  Attendance policy

b. Dual enrollment. MOTION by Patrick to not include dual enrollment SHCS this year; seconded; ALL IN FAVOR.

c. Homework policy

d. Field trip policy for review.
e. Website update
6. Technology use and EE philosophy.  Discussion of the role of technology in an EE school. CC has decided to support tech use in the school. Board agrees.
a. Discussion of outside time for middle school.

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