Board Meeting Minutes November 2015


November 10th, 2015




Administration & Staff: Brenda H., Debbie F., Lori C.

Board Members:  Mike P., Erin M., Crystal M.,

Other:  Lara Graham, Lynn Allred, Jason & Mike with Jones Simkins, Rich Eccles


Called to order at 6:40pm by Mike P.


  1. Auditors report by Jones Simkins LLC– audit went smoothly. Reviewed financial statements.
  2. Charter Solutions – review of budget by Rich Eccles
  3. 7th & 8th grade committee – will start weekly sac lunch meetings with parents. Surveys will go out to 5th & 6th grade parents next week.
  4. PTO report by Lara Graham – Report on Fall Festival. Book fair was successful this year and raised more than $4000.  Raffle currently underway.
  5. Community Council – no report
  6. Social Security – no update
  7. Lease Review – no update
  8. Property Review – Several board members visiting possible new school locations today. A committee will be created to explore developing those options.
  9. Policies for 30 day review – Pest Control & Emergency Personnel Policies
  10. Principal Report by Brenda H. – Funding next year will be based on average daily student count instead of October 1st    Attended Literacy Directors meeting today and they will now fund all day kindergarten.  School district will be going K-5 and we need to think about our school model.  Attended a green school meeting, discussion of future of Solider Hollow as an EE sustainability school.  Will submit for green school recognition in January.   Regulators were put on the toilets yesterday at a cost of $1685.
  11. Next Meeting December 8th at 6:30
  12. Discussion of parent IEP/504 complaint.  Brenda, special education and child’s parent are working together to meet child’s needs.


MOTION to adjourn at 9:43pm by Crystal Miller, second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.



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