Board Meeting Minutes October 2013


October 8, 2013


Mrs. Hedden’s office



Parents:  Kim Dalby, Ivana Radu, Stephanie Roberts

Administration: Brenda Hedden, Joan Kohler

Board Members: Amber Bates, Patrick Godfrey, David Sullivan, Lonny Reed


1.  Parent Questions and Answers

A.  Discussion of dual enrollment.

B.  PTO discussion

1.  Transition of leadership.  Brenda Chamberlain-new President, Trisha Livingstone and Stephanie Roberts—past presidents.

2.  Budget.  Smith’s and Box Tops will go toward PTO needs

3.  PTO vs. PTA.  It has previously been decided to be a PTO based on the differences in the two organizations and our school’s needs.

4.  PTO calendar items will be put in the school newsletter

5.  How to connect volunteers to opportunities

a.  Classroom help and teacher help first

b.  Community Council will be in charge of organizing volunteers

1.  Kim Dalby will we moving to President of CC in December.  Erin Kemp will be volunteer chair

6.  Patrick asked what the BOD can do to help PTO be successful and keep lines of communication        flowing.  Stephanie responded that current support is good; they are open to questions about the program anytime.

7.  Board members and PTO leadership will attend each other’s meetings to keep up communication

8.  PTO will send an email one week in advance of meeting.

C.  Community Council Report

Land Trust Funds and REAP grant have been allocated to 35 Chromebooks and 2 3rd grade laptops.

D.  Buying volunteer hours.  Board will look into the State legal regulations for this.

2.  September minutes approved unanimously by Board; Jami Oram by phone.

3.  Principal’s Report

A.  Dell return land trust fund money of $11,600.

B.  $21,000 of REAP grant still available to spend

C.  Discussion of admitting students after Oct count day.  Discussed importance of stopping new student’s entrance close to lottery time.

D.  EE week was successful

E.  Professional Learning Committees (PLC’s) for staff will start next week.  One PLC to focus on helping students accelerate progress.  One PLC to focus on establishing a school wide reading plan with teachers who are Reading Endorsed.

F.  We have $9500 in UCA budget to spend

G.  Discussion about regularly including an early release day on Thursdays of Parent/Teacher Conference week to facilitate the meetings.  Brenda will put the days into the calendar and ensure that we have enough instructional time someplace else to cover the half day.

H.  Teacher collaboration days.

I.   Accredidation will be postponed until next October.  We currently have a preliminary accreditation.  Charter schools are no longer required to be accredited unless offering high school credit.  Brenda still desires to have us accredited but wants to take the time to follow the accreditation process properly.

J.  Patrick asked about update on an automated attendance system.  No information yet.  Checking into forwarding the school phone to a cell phone.

K.  Brenda will write up a dress code policy for board approval.

4.  Budget Report—Joan

A.  Passed out AFR and discussed

B.  Concerns about covering day to day expenses.  Salary increases are $49,000 this year because of CACTUS corrections.  Board will look into working with a private party to offer a refinancing option for the portables and reduce expense.

5.  Social Security

A.  We have $100,000 in checks from SS that we argue we should not have paid. Our various options until we get a final ruling:

1.  Deposit in a money market account, but require 2 signatures from BOD to access

2.  Start collecting SS from faculty paychecks

3.  Start spending the money on our monthly liabilities

B.  Action:

1.  Brenda will follow up with her contacts at IRS, but if no contact in one week, let David know and he will contact Attorney General’s office

2.  Brenda will follow up with BOD with status as it changes.

3.  Joan will check with Rick Bedstead about 218 agreement

4.  Amber will send an email to check on refinancing

6.  Review School Benefits package

Decided to table until SS is dealt with

7.  School Calendar

A.  Decided to add June 2 and 3 as school days and not attend Jan 8, 9, 10 because of facilities use by SH Legacy race.  Amber motioned to approved contingent on State approval for the end of year change, all unanimous

B.  Joan will talk to State to change the end date on their system.

C.  Brenda will put the change in the next newsletter.

8.  New Business

A.  Discussion of middle school options for next year.  Decided to further discuss the pros and cons at December meeting; vote in January.

9.  Next Meeting  Nov 12 6:30pm.

10.  Amber moved to adjourn 9:14 pm, all unanimous.

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