Board Meeting Minutes October 2014



Administration:  Brenda Hedden, Joan Kohler

Board Members:  Rhett Roberts, Crystal Miller, Mike Proper, David Sullivan, Bob Cortopossi, Mark Smedley

Faculty:  Debbie Forbes

Parents:  Colette Broadhead, Kim Dalby


Meeting called to order by David Sullivan at 6:40pm


MOTION to APPROVE minutes by David Sullivan.  ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Ms. Hedden Report:

a)     Staff training in differentiated instruction is occurring weekly

b)     Ms. Hedden is doing more frequent walk-thrus

c)      Archery program has begun and is going well.  Risk management has been contacted regarding insurance coverage for grades K thru 3.  Participation in grades K thru 3 will temporarily be limited until a solution can be reached with risk management to limit school liability.

d)     A trunk-or-treat will take place October 30th after school costume parade.

e)     SAGE results will be released next week.  A parent letter will be sent out this week to help parents understand test results.

f)       The Midway ice castles will be at Soldier Hollow this year.

g)     School email was down but is back up and running and paid for through the next ten years.

h)     There has been negative feedback from parents about strict volunteer hour requirements; consider changing the language concerning parent volunteer hours to attract new families.


  1. Community Council report by Kim Dalby:

a)     Teacher concerns about evaluation committee have been addressed with teachers

b)     Community Council currently working on goals for land trust funds for next year.

c)      Reading committee is going well, scholastic reading is being used.

d)     The Art program is going great, schedule is working well.

e)     The technology committee is looking for a faculty member.

f)       5K fundraiser will take place this spring.

g)     Green council is hosting it’s first social event October 24th.


  1. Brenda Chamberlain from the PTO reported on drug awareness week activities.


  1. A new parent survey is available on the Soldier Hollow website.  A link to the survey will be emailed to parents and access made available at parent-teacher conferences.  A similar survey will be created for staff.


  1. Budget reviewed by Joan Kohler.  IRS auditors will be on site next month.  She continues to contact the IRS monthly about their pending decision.  Joan attended a state finance meeting last week and believes we would be a good candidate for a state audit because of changes in enrollment and the loss of 7th and 8th grade.


  1. Audit committee members are Patrick Godfrey, Michael Proper, Rhett Roberts and David Sullivan.


  1. A meeting to discuss the lease is being held on October 22nd with Richard Hodges.


  1. Parking lot drop-off  and pick-up procedure discussed.  Safety is the priority.  Possible “Kiss & Ride” options discussed.


MOTION to collect information and opinions relative to change in drop-off and pick-up procedure made by Mike Proper.  SECOND by David Sullivan.  4 AYES.


  1. Attendance policy will be amended to comply with Utah dual enrollment laws.


  1.  A community donation committee is being created to help with the Spring Soiree.


MOTION to Adjourn by David Sullivan at 9:35pm


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