Board Meeting Minutes-September 2015


September 8th, 2015



Board:  Crystal M., Erin M., Robert C., Mike P., Shannon W., David M.15

Administration:  Brenda H.

Parents:  Lara G.

Other:  Richard E., Max M.


Meeting called to order by Robert C. at 6:36pm.

Approval of minutes by Robert C., second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Charter Solutions Report by Richard E. and Max M.:  discussion of services and benefits.  Review of financial statements.

Arrival of board member David M. at 6:45pm.

Arrival of board member Shannon W. at  7:39pm.

  1. PTO report by Lara G.:  Back to school night was well attended.  There was a Boo-Hoo breakfast for kindergarteners, upcoming breakfasts for grades 1-6.  Red ribbon week will be the last week of October.  The raffle fundraiser will begin on October 5th.   Fall festival discussed.
  2. Principal report by Brenda H.:  Art, archery, golf and other specialty programs started with week.  Swiss Days parade was Saturday and about 100 people came to walk in the parade.  6th graders ran the Coke booth during the Sheep Dog Festival.  1st grade has a disparity of ability between the two classes and the teachers are working together to address the issue.  An aide is being hired to help in 1st grade and with the special education teachers.  A non-English speaking student needs accommodations and a plan is being developed.  Charter Solutions has taken over accounting and reporting.  A 6 week campaign on anti-bullying called “bucket dippers” began this week.
  3. Community Council Report by Brenda H.:  Meeting to elect officers this week at the first meeting of the year.
  4. Social Security issue update.
  5. Lease update: no material progress.  Meeting next week.
  6. 7th & 8th grade committee – meeting next week.
  7. Board member status – discussed board composition and active participation of board members.
  8. Next Meeting October 13th, 2015 at 6:30pm.

MOTION to adjourn by Robert C. at 9:38pm, second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR.


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