Board Meeting September 2016




Board:  Mike P., Shannon W., Crystal M., Joanne M., Erin M., Mike H.

Staff/Admin:  Debbie M., Brenda H., Patty H.

Parents/Teachers/Other:  Lara G., Rich E. (Charter Solutions), Stacy W., Eric G. (NJRA), Selvam R. (NJRA), Jennifer C., Christina, Tina S. (UAPCS)


Meeting called to Order to 6:36pm by Mike P.


MOTION to approve August minutes by Mike P., second by Shannon P., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. AIA by NJRA Architects – Presentation by Selvam R. and Eric G.  Proposed plan for new school site reviewed.

MOTION to engage NJRA Architects by Joann M., second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Parent Questions – Jenn C.  led discussion of how we can more closely follow the charter and incorporate environmental science across the curriculum.  Christina led discussion about equine program for the school and teaching kids respect and care for animals.
  2. Utah Association of Public Charter Schools by Tina S. – presentation on UAPCS services, benefits and cost.
  3. Budget Review by Rich C. – review of July financials.
  4. PTO report by Lara G. – Lara was here for 3 days of open registration and had success getting parents to sign up. Meetings will be held on Wednesdays.  Lori Hampton will head up the Soiree this year.
  5. Traffic survey and plan by Mike P. – A traffic study is being conducted by UDOT. The city of Charleston will be involved and made aware of traffic plan and survey results.
  6. Principal report by Brenda H. – Registration was changed this year to three days of open enrollment and it went very smoothly. The Charleston Water Board wants us to sign off on a lean on our property and Brenda refused.  A music program started in K-6 this week.  A digital piano and 11 musicals have been purchased.  Archery club started last week and fifty-one students are participating.
  7. Lease by Mike P. – Review of new lease. Rent will remain at current level and lease length is 12 months with an option to extend for another 12 months with 90 day notice.  Discussion of what parents and teachers would like to see

MOTION to sign lease contingent on outstanding reviews (Insurance, Security Deposit and State Parks approval) and addition of exhibits addressing use of property as a learning annex, Olympics, access to property and ski program by Mike P., second by Shannon W., ALL IN FAVOR.

Adjourn at 9:48pm.

Closed session at 10:02pm to discuss construction financing and employee compensation.

MOTION to raise USDA construction loan amount to 2.5 million by Shannon W., second by Joann M., ALL IN FAVOR.

MOTION to give Brenda H. a 5% increase and have her submit three measureable goals for review.  Also a performance based bonus will be given within 30 days of move into new school building by Mike H., second by Erin M., ALL IN FAVOR.



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