Board Minutes January 2014

SH Board Meeting

January 14, 2014



Parents:  Kim Dalby (CC), Brenda Chamberlain (PTO)

Faculty:  Brooke Lee, Shannon Poirior

Administration:  Brenda Hedden, Joan Kohler

Board Members:  David Sullivan, Rhett Roberts, Mark Smedley, Amber Bates, Michelle Barratt

Others:  Timothy from Squire


David Sullivan called meeting to order at 6:37pm.


  1. 1.     Approve Minutes.  MOTION to approve by David.  ALL IN FAVOR
    1. 2.      Auditor’s Report.  Timothy reviewed the report prepared by Squire.  Our rating is Unqualified which is the highest rating of confidence.  David reviewed SS situation. The IRS will meet again in January and will report back to us on further action.  Shannon expressed concern that the teachers are under the impression that both SS and URS are benefits and is concerned one will be taken away.  Timothy leaves 7:18pm.
    2. 3.      Parent Questions and Answers.  None
    3. 4.      Principal’s Report.  Brenda will give letter of concerns to David as he discusses our lease with John Farrow.  World language program numbers are down.  Skiing after school may be hurting that.  Would like to look into a daytime program in a couple years. 
    4. 5.      PTO Report.  Skiing and volunteers going well.  Olympics will be held on two days.
    5. 6.      Community Council Report.  Currently working on safety and policy issues.  Feb 15th family night snowshoeing.  Board asked CC to review concussion policy and field trip policy and add addendum in layman’s terms.  Kim Dalby is chair for the rest of the school year. 
    6. 7.      Budget Report.  Moved to executive session.
    7. 8.      Discuss Budget Deficiencies.  Moved to executive session.
    8. 9.      Discuss Middle School Options for next year.  Brenda reported that a teacher survey indicated that middle school is the biggest change they would make about SHCS.  Parents have promised support but we have less numbers of students than committed.  We are down one teacher for the MS because of pulling 5th grade to elementary.  We have no full time Social Studies teacher.  Income minus expenses for the middle school equals a $50,000 shortfall each year for the school.  MOTION by Mark to cease 7th and 8th grade starting next school year.  QUESTION  by Dave about giving current 7th graders option to have an 8th grade here.  Discussed; no one favored.  MOTION 2ND by David, ALL IN FAVOR
    9. 10.  Discuss Moab Trip Possibilities.  Squire recommended that we have a liability policy for teachers.  ACTION.  Amber will call Sol tomorrow about making the trip safe and sustainable.  David mentioned a letter he has seen from Sol about how teachers are immune to liability under certain conditions.  Trip dates set for April 23-24.  Park passes have been secured.  MOTION to get a policy from Brenda in the next week and we can approve at February Board meeting.   MOTION by David that, subject to review of Sol’s recommendations, the Board will support the trip.  ALL IN FAVOR
    10. 11.  Approve Policies.MOTION by Mark to move these to next month.  ALL IN FAVOR
    11. 12.  30 Day Review of Policies.  Brenda handed out a folder of policies for Board to review.
    12. 13.  Banking Signatures.  Brenda suggested that we have 2 signatures for large checks other than mortgage or rent.  David suggested we think through the logistics of how to get signatures from Board members, possibly electronic payments, keeping open visibility in finances.
    13. 14.  Date for Staff Party.  Discussed a more casual evening.  ACTION-Michelle will talk to Phyllis at Holiday Lanes and look at the Homestead for their buffet and a training session by Rhett.  Board would like to have a quarterly staff party. 
    14. 15.  New Business.  Put on the agenda for next month a discussion about Kindergarten next year and pricing, full or half days. 
    15. 16.  Next Meeting Date.  February 11, 2014
    16. 17.  MOTION by David to adjourn, ALL IN FAVOR.  8:50pm.
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