Classroom Interruption Policy



Principal shall enact guidelines that will ensure protection of instructional time and keep interruptions to an absolute minimum. At a minimum, the guidelines should include the following terms:

  1. School personnel should use the public address system sparingly. Morning announcements should  relay necessary  items of interest in a timely manner to all students and staff.  Except in emergency situations, announcements should be scheduled to avoid interference with instructional time. Various students activities  announcements (Green Council. Science Fair. Fund Raising etc) will be made during regular morning announcements. Teacher may remind and review announcements with class as needed throughout the day.
  2. School  personnel, parents/guardians, and visitors should, when possible, schedule conferences/appointments with teachers when they will not interfere with instructional time.
  3. Parents/guardians are welcome at Soldier Hollow Charter School but should schedule visits through the principal’s office or teacher email, when possible. Staff may decline or reschedule visitations that would be unduly disruptive.
  4. Parents/guardians should, when possible, make prior arrangements with the school staff  for early dismissal of their children. Unexcused, chronic early dismissal or late arrival of students may result in action under the school system’s compulsory attendance policy.
  5. Salespeople shall not be permitted to interrupt teachers during the school day, and must have prior permission from the principal before meeting with school personnel or others at any time on school property.
  6. If parents call the school for a student, messages will be delivered to students during natural classroom breaks.  Students will be requested to come to the office by school personnel and parents will not go directly to the classroom.


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