Complaints and Concerns






Objective: To provide every opportunity for complaints/concerns/suggestions to be heard and/or resolved.


Parents and patrons are encouraged to follow the proper administrative channels in registering complaints about the school, its operations, personnel or programs.


Complaints will be addressed by the following procedure:

  1. Complaints/concerns should first be made to the classroom teacher and/or staff member. The teacher or staff member shall document the complaints or concerns expressed and decide whether they may resolve the issue themselves.
  2. If the complaint/concern is not resolved, the matter shall be referred to the principal for consideration. The complainant shall present the concern/complaint in written form prior to meeting with the principal. A third party (not a Board member) may be asked to attend. The principal shall make documentation of the meeting.
    1. If the meeting between principal and complainant fails to result in a resolution of the complaint/concern, the matter shall be referred to the Board of Directors. Both the principal and the complainant shall provide written documentation of the complaint/concern prior to its next regularly scheduled meeting. (See SHCS policies and procedures manual for board meeting procedures.)
    2. Whenever complaints/concerns are directed to individual members of the board or to employees of the school, the complainant(s) will be asked to follow the procedures outlined in this policy.
    3. A written report on the resolution of the complaint or concern submitted to the Board will be provided upon written request to the complainant, providing it will not violate the rights of the person(s) involved.
      1. Only under extenuating circumstances, as determined by the Board of Directors, should the complaint/concerns be taken up by the Board of Directors without following the procedures listed above.
      2. Employees and parents may make anonymous suggestions in writing to the Board to improve and provide education within the school, but such communication is not preferable to face-to-face, civil problem-solving.


A copy of this policy is to be displayed in a prominent/visible location at the school.

<From our original charter>

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