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To create an optimal educational experience, communication between parents, teachers and the school is key. We have established 4 quick and easy steps you can take which will result in your being totally plugged into the communication at SHCS.


1. Please Subscribe to our SHCS Alerts (to the right), and we’ll notify you every time we add new post to our website.


2. Make sure the office staff/the PTO has your email address for on-the-fly and time sensitive email updates. Under the Contact Us tab, click Contact Administration and just send them your email address and state that you are wanting to be added to the newsletter email list.


3. If you’re on Facebook and/or Twitter, be sure to connect with us there too.



4. To be notified of public SHCS Board meetings via email, follow the steps below:


1)     Click here ->

2)      Select “School” in the <Government> box

3)      Select “Soldier Hollow” in the <Entity> box

4)      Select “Soldier Hollow Charter School Board” in the <Public Body> box

5)      Click the light grey link < + Subscribe to this Public Body >

6)      Insert Name & Email information

7)      Requires reply to Utah’s subscription confirmation email to finalize public notice subscription


Once confirmed, a subscriber will automatically receive an email for all public meeting notifications (& any changes) related to Soldier Hollow Charter School Board.


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