December Board Meeting

December 9th Minutes



Board Members:  Robert C., Mike P., Dave S., Crystal M.

Administration:  Brenda H., Joan K.

Staff:  Bethany M.


Meeting called to order by David S. at 6:43pm


MOTION to APPROVE minutes by David S.  ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Principle Hedden report:

a)     Three printers have been donated to the school as well as six to seven smart boards.

b)     Just returned from an archery training that meets the requirement to obtain insurance coverage for grades K-3.

c)      The safety committee has provided a playground safety sign.

d)     The art program is going very well.

e)     A bid for new school signs will be obtained.

f)       Concrete barriers for the parking lot can be ordered anytime, a quote has been sent to Board members.

g)     Ski-a-thon scheduled for January 23rd.

h)     Meeting to be held with Bruce and a golf pro to help create a golf program for the spring.


2.  Budget reviewed by Joan K.


  1.  Social Security Issue:

a)     There is a new IRS statement regarding “Social Security and Public Retirement Systems” effective November 2014 that needs to be reviewed.

b)     Staff will be emailed about the Social Security issue facing the school and notice will be given to staff of next meeting when this issue will be discussed.

c)      School auditors will be asked to review new statement by IRS and provide an opinion letter.

d)     Once provided, our auditor’s opinion letter will be sent to the IRS


  1. Policies

a)     MOTION to approve Student Search and Seizure policy made by Dave S., second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR

b)     MOTION to adopt Wasatch County School District Threat Policy by Dave S., second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR

c)      MOTION to approve Constitutionally Protected Prayer Policy by Dave S., second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR

d)     Education Associated Leave Policy and Public Comments at Board Meeting for 30 day review.

5.  New Parking lot pick-up procedure reviewed.  Concrete barriers will be purchased for $2000.


6.  Entertainment and Marketing for Spring Soiree discussed.


7.  Gift baskets will be put together for staff.

MOTION to approve $30 per teacher budget by Mike P., second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR.


MOTION to adjourn by Dave A. at 8:40pm



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