Enrollment Information


Soldier Hollow Charter School is now accepting Intent to Enroll applications.


  • We will offer half and full day Pre-K (4 year old) program in the Fall of 2017
  • We offer half day and full-day kindergarten options
  • We currently enroll Kindergarten through grade 6, and will have Pre-K-7th grade in the fall of 2017, and 8th grade in the fall of 2018.
  • Our enrollment lottery will run through February. A decision will be made for the lottery enrollment at the March school board meeting. Notifications will be mailed out that week.
  • Please understand that completing this enrollment form does not register your child for Soldier Hollow Charter School. It merely indicates your intention to register if your child is accepted, as we maintain class sizes around 20.

Prior year students must have an intent form signed and submitted to the office by the first Friday in February to hold their enrollment for next year.  Please contact us at (435) 654-1347 if you need forms or have any questions or email Nicole Hansen at nicole.hansen@myshcs.org or Tami Gray at tami.gray@myshcs.org


Enrollment preference will be granted to:

  • Children currently attending SHCS
  • Siblings of students currently enrolled at SHCS
  • Children of employees of SHCS and UOLF, not grandchildren or other relatives
  • Siblings of students accepted through the current lottery


In the event that SHCS receives more enrollment forms than it has capacity for each grade level, the school will run a lottery as outlined by the State of Utah. Admission policies will be administered in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


Admissions Lottery Process

The On-Line Application – is available to download and submit to the school office.

Students at Soldier Hollow Charter School are chosen through a blind lottery system. At SHCS there are two classes per grade level.  Our goal is 20 students per grade level and throughout the spring and summer, we will fill to 22 students, knowing that some may not return.

When we hold a lottery for an empty seat we will only contact the applicant who was picked. Students awaiting placement may check periodically to determine their position on the waiting lists.  Other than Kindergarten, we are generally able to accommodate all student enrollments during the school year.

All applications are grouped into grades and receive a number. When we hold a lottery for an empty seat in a particular grade, each number is written on a slip of paper, put in a box and one is picked.

The lottery process begins with 6th grade applicants. It will then proceed down through Kindergarten, giving preference to the first drawn names and then to the siblings of the first drawn. The lottery will also determine the priority list position for all other applicants at specified grade levels.


Enrollment forms received after a scheduled lottery drawing will be considered if there is an opening, or placed on a wait list.


Application for Enrollment
You may download your “Intent to Enroll” application here.

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