Evaluation for Licensed Personnel



I. Board Policy

The Board recognizes the need for periodic evaluation of all district personnel. Each employee’s immediate supervisor or supervisor designee, shall conduct this evaluation. The primary purpose of the evaluation will be to assist each employee to improve his performance in his/her individual assignment.

The administration shall establish policies and procedures to be followed for evaluating licensed personnel.

II.      Administrative Policy

  1. Guidelines for Licensed/Teacher Evaluation
    1. A license to teach and work closely with children carries with it both implied and expressed responsibilities for planning and carrying out an instructional program which falls within the direction and spirit of state law, approved course of study encompassed within the Utah State Core Curriculum, sound professional practice and local board policy and administrative regulations. A teacher is encouraged to use the skills at his/her command to meet the educational needs of the individual student.
    2. The purposes of the evaluation are: (a) to assess and improve the professional growth of each licensed educator, (b) to provide a basis for necessary administrative decisions, and (c) provide evidence of student growth.
    3. The evaluation process includes the establishment of a file that displays examples of goal setting, self-evaluation, planning documents, surveys from parents and/or students, logs of professional development activities, teaching artifacts, and samples of student work. This evaluation file provides evidence of growth demonstrated by individual students and evidence of the licensed educator’s professional growth.
    4. Evaluation is an on-going process. It includes formal and informal classroom evaluations and observations. Provisional contracted licensed personnel shall be evaluated formally each year, with the evaluation forms being completed for all provisional and probationary-educators twice each year, once during the school year preceding January 15, and once during the school year preceding April 1. Contracted licensed personnel shall be formally evaluated at least once every year, with the SET being completed prior to April 1, or more often if deemed necessary by the supervisor, assistant principal, principal, or superintendent.
    5. Feedback should take place whenever the need arises. All other forms utilized for evaluation purposes shall be provided licensed educators with a complete explanation of the evaluation process at the beginning of the school year, and at least 15 days prior to the first classroom evaluation.
    6. An essential part of the classroom observation evaluation is a conference between the licensed educator and his/her principal. The purpose of the conference is to review areas of commendation or areas of concern and suggest goals for improvement. Following the conference the licensed educator should sign the evaluation form indicating that a conference had been held and the evaluation form had been reviewed with him. The signing of the form does not necessarily indicate agreement.
    7. Within 15 days of the completion of the evaluation process, a conference (conducted by the principal or supervisor/supervisor designee) will be held with the evaluated educator and he/she will be provided a copy of the final evaluation form. One copy should be retained by the principal, one copy placed in the personnel record, and one copy given to the employee. No changes in this evaluation will be made after the final conference unless mutually agreed upon.


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