February 2015 Board Meeting


February 10th, 2015




Administration:  Brenda H., Joan K.

Board Members:  Mike P., Robert C., David S., Amber S., Crystal M., Rhett R.

Faculty:  Jennifer W.


Called to order at 6:42pm by David S.

MOTION to approve January meeting minutes by Robert C., second by Mike P., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Principal report
    1. Land trust report due in March, needs board approval
    2. Smart Boards will be picked up this week from Patrick
    3. Would like school to sign up for Heber City farmers market
    4. Update on busing for 2015-2016 school year
    5. Sage testing is currently underway
    6. There are concerns about the safety of the playground equipment.  Will purchase softer foundation before next winter.
    7. A potion of the professional development funds will be used to train teachers in EE.


  1. Update on December’s water leak , the cost was $800 between the plumber and the backhoe.


  1. Community council would like to us the land trust funds to hire an EE teacher and continue to fun the arts program.


  1. The PTO is busy preparing for the winter Olympics.  The date has been changed to February 18th due to poor snow.


  1. Budget report by Joan:


  1.  The state cut state funds by $5000 per new financial director after audit.
  2. State funds could be cut by as much as %25 on title 1, title 2, IDEA funding (approximately $15000).
  3. We did receive art grant for $17000.
  4. Currently we have 33 students signed up for kindergarten next year, two thirds are signed up for full day.


  1. Social Security Issue:  A conference call was held on February 10th, 2015.  An IRS decision has been issued.  Decision states we owe IRS Social Security obligations that were not withheld with interest but no penalties.  Board members will contact a tax attorney to review decision and discuss options.


  1. Discussion of lease tabled until March meeting


  1. Policy review tabled until March meeting


  1. Parking lot procedures discussed, staff will be asked to create a committee and suggest a pick-up procedure they support.


  1.   Update on Spring Soiree, donations for silent and live auctions needed.


  1.   Next board meeting scheduled for March 10th, 2015


MOTION to adjourn by David S. at 9:18pm.  ALL IN FAVOR.


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