Field Trip Policy




Field trips extend learning beyond the classroom and are an integral part of Soldier Hollow Charter School.   This field trip policy has been developed to ensure a uniform procedure, to establish a coordinated standard of safety, and to provide a meaningful experience for all students.

Students may participate in field trips only with parental or guardian permission.

Appropriate forms must be completed and returned to the school prior to field trip. Student attendance on field trips is at the sole discretion of the teacher. (This may be affected by student behavior or incomplete assignments.)


Chaperones will be included if expense, space, and necessity for additional supervision is determined to be appropriate by the teacher.  Chaperones will be informed before the trip if their costs (ticket price, etc.) are covered or if they must cover their own expenses.

Adult Chaperone Field Trip Responsibilities

1.   All children in appropriate, legal car seats.

2.   Drive within the speed limit.

3.   Stay with the rest of the group to and from the field trip, and while attending the field trip.

4.   If a stop is needed, all will stop. No errands or fast food drive thru’s with other students in their cars.

5.   No showing of movies with a rating other than G.

6.   No cell phone use while driving other s’ children.

Field Trip Driver Requirements

  1. Possess a valid Utah State driver’s license and be 25 years of age or older, or the parent of one of the students traveling on the field trip. Drivers with any history of reckless, drunk, drug or other illegal offense will not be allowed to drive on any field trips.

  2. Complete and pass the Driver Training Course – video and quiz – required by the USOE.

  3. Provide proof of liability insurance (100,000/$300,000/$50,000 -Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability and $100,000/$300,000 – Underinsured Motorist and $10,000 Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments)

  4. Use only a vehicle registered to the driver and on file at the school.

  5. Provide one working seat restraint for each person in the vehicle as required by state law.

  6. Ensure that no student sits in a seat with an air bag unless they are of proper weight and size.

  7. Provide a vehicle in good working order with a full tank of gas and a spare tire.

  8. Provide required driver and vehicle information to be kept on file at school.


Grade Level Guidelines:

  • K – 1st grade: Most field trips taken will be school day trips that can be completed during the regularly scheduled school day.

  • 2nd- 3rd grade: Field trips may be school day trips or all day trips. All day trips are limited to a maximum of three (3) hours traveling distance from the school. This is to facilitate extended learning aligned with their curriculum.

  • 4th –6th grade: Field trips may be school day trips, all day trips, or an overnight trip.  Each grade may plan one (1) overnight field trip during the school year. The teacher/organizer of the field trip must provide all details to parents and options if the student is unable or unwilling to attend the field trip. Cost will be kept within the budget for fundraising.


Extended Overnight Field trips Guidelines for 4th-6th grades

  1. 4th-6th grade: Field trips may be planned to include students from both grades, teachers, and an adult family member or guardian chaperones. Teachers must submit the Application for Overnight Field trip form 90 days in advance. The final decision on which field trip will be taken will be determined by Administration.

  2. Decisions will be based upon factors such as alignment to the school mission and vision, cost, time away, distance, educational value, student safety, availability of or participation in other similar activities, and logistics. SHCS will limit the number of extended overnight field trips to two one per grade level, per year. Cost will be kept to a minimum and within the fundraising budget. The teacher/organizer of the field trip must provide all details to parents and options if the student is unable or unwilling to attend the field trip. Families must be made aware of these field trips at the beginning of the school year to enable students to earn the money required to participate in the field trip.


The following criteria must be met on all SHCS approved field trips:

• Accessibility/Equal opportunity: Student participation in school sponsored programs, including field trips will not be based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference, income status, disability, ancestry, national origin or for any reason other than the individual student’s capabilities and behavior. Teacher shall make arrangements for students who come to school but do not attend the field trip.

• Students with disabilities: If a student has a disability that would prevent him/her from participating in the field trip, a meeting should be called by the teacher (and should include the disabled student’s parent or guardian) to discuss an appropriate alternative to ensure that the disabled student receives an educationally comparable opportunity in place of the field trip.

Whenever possible, teachers should consider field trips that meet educational standards and are accessible to all students.

• Affordability: Field trips should be affordable and accessible to all eligible and interested SHCS students. Approved fund raisers may be allowed but are not required to help curtail field trip costs.

Emergency Field Trip Procedures


In the event of a car accident, the parent driver/chaperone shall attend to the well-being of students in their vehicle and notify proper authorities, including EMS, as necessary. The school, staff in-charge, and parent or guardian of students involved must be notified without delay. Arrangements shall be made for students according to parents wishes and applicable medical/law enforcement directions. All drivers are under the obligation to obey and observe traffic laws for the safety of SHCS students.

*Drivers shall have in their possession, a laminated card, which states the school’s contact information and indicates that the individuals in the vehicle are on a field trip for SHCS. This will ensure that the school is notified (in the event that the driver is incapacitated) and the school will then be able to provide EMS/law enforcement with some information about the students involved, including parental contact information (see field trip approval form for a list of drivers/chaperones and the students assigned to each). SHCS should contact parents without delay in the event of any field trip car accident.


In the event of an injury during a field trip, the “staff in-charge” shall first attend to and obtain medical help for the injured student or staff as necessary. The school and parent or guardian of injured child shall be notified without delay. SHCS recognizes that the teacher is not authorized to make medical decisions for students. Teachers or “staff in-charge” shall call for help as necessary and administer CPR and whatever aid is needed until help arrives.

*Note that teachers shall always carry a first aid kit for the entire duration of the field trip.

*Teachers shall be trained in CPR and shall be familiar and compliant with the SHCS Concussion Policy. See policy for details.

Missing Child

*Note that compliance with the Field Trip Agreement Form’s policy of doing a frequent “face

count” throughout and before leaving each area of the field trip is intended to lessen the risk of losing a child during a SHCS field trip.

If a child is not discovered after searching the immediate area, the teacher or “staff in-charge” and field trip location staff are to be notified immediately and given the name and a description of the child in order to broaden the search. If the child is not found within X number of minutes, local police and parent/s must be notified.

**Note: the “lost/stolen child” and the “Injury/Accident” portions of this policy are the ones that need the most consideration, and I as a parent do not feel fully qualified to finalize these rules without experienced and professional input. This is a rough guideline, and I am just a parent volunteer. Careful consideration by SHCS must be taken to ensure that this policy is thorough and complete.  Parent/Teacher Driver Conduct Parent drivers and teacher drivers are to adhere strictly to the rules set forth in the following agreement:

*see page 4 for updated Parent Driver Agreement  Soldier Hollow Charter School

Parent Driver Field-Trip Agreement

*All parent drivers must initial each rule AND sign this form before they will be permitted to drive and/or supervise students on field-trips.

I (print name)_____________________________ agree to abide by the following standards and rules while supervising and driving any Soldier Hollow Charter School student/s on any and all field trip activities.

Initial each area as you agree and sign the bottom of the form.

___ I will not use my phone in ANY way while driving. This includes but is not limited to sending/receiving text messages and/or talking on the phone, accessing the internet, or any  other app, game, calendar, tool, camera, etc.

___ I will check to ensure that each student is seat-belted properly with a proper car seat (as required by law) before I begin driving.

___I will not allow myself to become distracted while driving by engaging in unnecessary conversation or by any other means of distraction.

___ I will not leave children in the car unattended at any time for any length of time.

___ I will not stop at any unauthorized locations on the way to or on the way from any field trip location.

___ I will not turn the responsibility of driving over to any other person at any time during the field trip who has not filled-out and signed the appropriate forms in the office.

___ I will not play any media for children in my vehicle which is above a G-rating.

___ I will continue to supervise (the group of children I have been assigned to drive) once we arrive at our destination and for the complete duration of the field trip. This includes taking a “face count” of the students you are responsible for as you leave each area of your location.

___ I agree to follow all traffic laws including speed limits for the duration of the field trip.

Signed: ___________________________ Date:_________

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