First Days of School

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was exciting to observe all of
the team building, placed based learning and STEM activities that were engaging students throughout the campus. Dare to
compare any staff that could take our core curriculum and integrate the great outdoors to make learning so relevant. As you
may know, the new three R’s to 21st Century Learning are Relevance, Relationships and Rigor. Last week was all about building
relationships with each other and our community, making learning relevant to student’s lives, and rigorous as their learning
achieved the higher level application and analysis-based instruction, surpassing the basic knowledge and comprehension in
most brick and mortar learning environments. Kudos to everyone who created and participated in our immersion learning last
Many of your children’s teachers have attended Rick Wormeli workshops. He is an inspiring educational leader and states: “the
more we put concrete, drywall, and steel between us and the natural world, the more we lose important elements of our
humanity, and our humanity is the key to successful teaching and learning.” Welcome to Soldier Hollow, where students learn
hands on. If you ever desire to learn more about the impact of learning in the out of doors, please check out a book entitled:
Moving the Classroom Outdoors by Herbert W. Broda. It will enlighten you in our philosophy, for those who believe learning
outdoors is just a field day.IMG_7622 (1)
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