Soldier Hollow Charter School is a free, public school that was created by parents.  As a charter school, we receive state funding, but at a rate of 9% lower than local public schools.  We also do not bond for public funding of our school buildings, and therefore encumber rent and mortgage fees each month.  We are always appreciate of monetary donations that will assist us in reaching our goals.


The greatest financial obstacle we face is the difference in the cost to educate each of our students, and what the state of Utah provides to Soldier Hollow Charter School.  There is a over a $42,000 discrepancy that we work hard to close the gap and provide the quality of instruction our students deserve.  If every family donated $500 per year, we would not have a gap and could fulfill all of our goals.


The good news is that despite this obstacle, our students test scores are some of the highest in Utah and other schools have visited our academic teams to determine how they can achieve more for their students.


Please donate to SHCS to ensure a high quality education with support for science, technology, the arts, environmental education, physical and outdoor education, place-based learning and much more.  Donations also help attract and retain outstanding faculty!


Our options are endless with your support.  Your gift could help us in so many ways from the smallest daily activities to the largest programming:


$30,000 Donation could fund-

1.  A busing program for SHCS for one year


$10,000 Donations could fund-

1.  A new music program

2.  Additional science and place based programming

3.  A physical education teacher

4.  A world language teacher

5.  A new computer lab

6.  A full time art teacher

7.  A library

8.  A school-wide take home weekly reading program


$5,000 Donations could fund-

1.  Science and art equipment

2.  Student notebook computers

3.  Field and playground equipment

4.  New golfing program sponsored by the PGA for our students.  See it here  

5.  New equestrian program for our students

6.  Yearly high quality teacher development, such as Differentiated Instruction on site training, Positive Behavior Intervention School Training, Green Schools Initiative Training, Project Wild Training, and more.


$2,000 Donations could fund-

1.  Snow clearing equipment

2.  Lawn care equipment

3.  Chapter books for four grade levels

4.  Our new archery program

5.  A fly fishing program for our students

$1,000 Donations could fund-

1.  Math manipulatives for hands on learning

2.  Classroom supply needs for two grade levels

3.  Extended field trips for our classes

4.  Weekly Readers for the entire school

5.  Reading A-Z for the entire school



Giving Levels
Gold – $1,000 or more
Silver – $500 – 999
Bronze – $250 – 499
Friend of SHCS – Up to $249


Gifts of $500 or more are crucial to the success of SHCS, and are greatly appreciated. Every gift is tax deductible and makes a statement of how much you care for our school, and our ability to continue maintaining our high quality programming on the Wasatch County State Park.


Please help SHCS reach our financial goals by making your tax deductible donation today.




SHCS thrives on donations and we appreciate anything that people can give.  Donations are gladly accepted and can be broken down into monthly payments, for your convenience. Donations can be made through our PayPal link, by check or by credit card.  Cash is always accepted too.


Consider a matching gift from your employer if you are kind enough to make a donation. Many businesses and organizations will match your charitable donations.  If you have any questions regarding how to make a donation, please contact our main office at 435-654-1347.


Thank you for your support of Soldier Hollow Charter School.

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