Grading Policy



Soldier Hollow Charter School will adhere to grading methods that effectively measure understanding and content knowledge.  Each teacher’s disclosure statement will contain their class specific grading policy.  Class specific policies will be consistent with the school’s grading policy.


All assessment practices must hold students accountable, while providing them with limited opportunities to recover from short-term failure.  Soldier Hollow Charter School recognizes that not all students learn at the same pace and therefore place greater emphasis on the mastery of knowledge and skills.


Below are the parameters and guidelines for ensuring fair and credible evaluation of student learning within each classroom and throughout the school.




  • All children will be given the opportunity to demonstrate content mastery.  Students may repeat assignments a second time, including but not limited to: daily assignments, project based learning and assessments.  If a child scores below 70% or receives an Incomplete, the teachers will provide instructional interventions to facilitate student learning.  After the intervention/re-teaching, the teacher is to reassess the student to ensure mastery learning.  The child will receive the higher grade attained of the two assignments.  All original and make-up assignments must be completed by the last day of each term.
  • Teachers are to give a child an (I) Incomplete for work not turned in.  If a child receives an incomplete, they can complete that assignment up through the end of the term.  If they fail to turn in an assignment by the end of the term, they will not receive a grade or credit for the term.  All work must be submitted for an accurate grade, as Zero’s (0) represent a motivation grade, not a content knowledge grade.
  • If a child consistently scores below 70% or receives an Incomplete, the teacher will notify the parents by email, telephone call, or automated letter through our student information system.  Teachers should consider the following      interventions to improve student learning: grade level aides, ability grouping, counselor, administration, or the Response to Intervention process (i.e. classroom modifications, student support team, special education).
  • Teachers are expected to communicate often and effectively with parents.  There must be documented parent/student      contact, prior to giving a failing term grade.
  • There will be a focus on formal and informal assessments, which includes ongoing assessment, observations, summaries and reviews that inform teacher instruction and provide students/parents feedback on a regular basis.
  • Grades are expected to be posted to the grade book and student information system no less than once per week.  No assignment in any given term will exceed more than 20% of the grade for that term.
  • All grades must reflect student comprehension of course specific instruction during that term.
  • All grades will measure growth; therefore, pre-assessment and post-assessment is critical.
  • The lowest grade given will be a 50% for work submitted.  This ensures that the incremental weight of a failed grade is consistent with the overall grading scale.



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