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It is the policy of Soldier Hollow Charter School Board of Education that records are managed in an efficient, responsible manner and that fair and timely public access to information contained in school records is made available while protecting individual privacy rights in relation to personal data gathered by the school. Records requests must be made to the Business Office located at 2002 Olympic Drive, Midway, Utah. This policy does not apply to student records. Student records are governed by the Family Education Privacy Act (FERPA).





  1. The Business Administrator shall be the records officer for all School records including Board of Education minutes and all documents related to property, budgets, payroll, accounts, contracts, personnel and personnel health insurance.


  1. The Board of Education may delegate to principal the responsibility of management of school or department records.


  1. The Business Manager shall perform the duties as set forth in Utah Code and review and respond to requests for access to records.


• RECORDS CLASSIFICATION: All records shall be classified as public, private, controlled, protected, or exempt.


i.          Public Records, open for public inspection during regular office hours, shall include:

1.         Official minutes, actions and decisions of the Board of Education and

School Administration unless the record involves information which is classified as private, controlled, or protected.

2.         Official school and school policies, contracts, minutes, and accounts.

3.         Names, gender, job titles, job descriptions, business address, business

telephone numbers, number of hours worked per pay period, gross salaries, assigned hours of work, and dates of employment of all current and former employees.

4.         Documents relating to formal charges or disciplinary actions against a past or present if the charges or disciplinary action have been completed and all time periods for appeal have expired, and the charges were sustained.


ii.         Private Records, open only to the subject of the record and other authorized individuals or agencies, shall include:

1.         Personnel files including applications, nominations, recommendations, evaluations, and proposals or advancement or appointments.

2.         The names of applicants and finalists for administrative positions

3.         Documents related to eligibility for unemployment benefits, social services, welfare benefits, personal finances, individual medical conditions, diagnosis or military status.

iii.         Controlled Records, open only to authorized persons or agencies but are not open to the subject of record, shall include records containing medical, psychiatric, or physiological data on an individual which, if disclosed, could be detrimental to the individual’s mental health or safety.


iv.        Protected Records, open only to authorized individuals and agencies or in response to court order, shall include:

1.         Any information that, if disclosed, would jeopardize the life or safety of an individual or security of school property or programs

2.         Documents that, if disclosed, would place the school at a disadvantage in contract negotiations, property transactions, or bargaining position or could enable circumvention of an audit

3.         Records related to potential litigation or personnel hearings

4.         Records generated in meetings which are closed in accordance with the

Utah Open and Public Meeting Law.

5.         Test questions

6.         Other records identified in law


  1. Exempted Records shall include student records which are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)




  1. Requests to view school records shall be in writing and addressed to the Office Manager during regular business hours.


  1. Requests to view records classified as private, controlled, or protected shall contain information proving a right to access the record including personal identification, written release from the subject of the record, power of attorney, court order, or other appropriate means.


  1. The records officer shall determine whether access to the requested record(s) is to be granted or denied, unless the school does not maintain the records or extraordinary circumstances exist.


1.         If the request is approved, the records shall be provided as soon as possible but not more than ten working days from the date the request was received, unless extraordinary circumstances exist.

2.         If the request is denied, the records officer must specify the reason, either in person or in writing, and the requester shall be informed of the right to appeal.





  1. The request shall file a written request for a hearing with the superintendent or his/her designee within thirty (30) working days of the denial. Failure to file an appeal within the period specified shall constitute a waiver of the right to appeal.

2. Within five (5) business days after the receipt of the written appeal, the principal or his/her designee shall rule on the appeal.


3. Within five (5) working days of the ruling, the principal or designee shall send a written decision to the requester of the action recommended together with the notice of right to appeal to the school board.





i.          The school may charge the fees authorized by Utah Code 63G-2-203

Document Copies:        Single Page (8 1/2 x 11)            $ .10 / page

Two-sided Page (8 1/2 x 11)      $ .15 / page

Single Page (8 1/2 x 14)            $ .15 / page

Two-sided Page (8 1/2 x 14)      $ .20 / page

Research Cost                                                               $20.00 / per hr.


ii.         An additional charge of $1.00 shall be charged per each page of a document needing certification


iii.        If the total amount due is more that $50.00 advance payment is required.


  1. The school shall refuse to allow duplication of copyrighted materials.





  1. The school shall adhere to the general schedule for records retention approved by the State Records Committee.


ii.         Records which are not covered by the general schedule shall be submitted to the State Records Committee for schedule at least once a year. Utah Code 63G-2-101 through 63G-2-909 (GRAMA)



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