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Homework at Soldier Hollow Charter School is an essential part of the school program.  Assignments will vary in accordance to the needs of the class, and will relate to classroom instruction.  Homework assignments are intended to reinforce and extend learning initiated in the classroom and serve as a tool for teachers to assess student understanding of classroom instruction.  Completion of routine homework can motivate students to develop good work habits, while increasing the opportunity for individual initiative and responsibility.  Homework can also stimulate creativity, critical thinking and awareness that learning can take place outside of the classroom.  The guidelines below indicate how students, parents, teachers and administrators all have a responsibility for the success of homework.



Homework is defined as meaningful and quality work assigned to students that is intended to be completed during non-instructional hours.



Homework should:

  1. Reinforce principles, skills, concepts, and information taught in the classroom.
  2. Be meaningful and appropriate to the ability and instructional level of students.
  3. Support creative, logical, critical and analytical thinking.
  4. Foster self-discipline, self motivation and the wise and orderly use of time.
  5. Be adequately explained by teachers and clearly understood by parents.




Administrators shall:

  1. Communicate policy in regards to homework and its appropriateness to parents, teacher and students.
  2. Provide teachers the time for professional development when utilizing homework as a strategy for learning.
  3. Monitor the effective use of homework given by teachers.
  4. Support and allow time for the collaboration among teachers, students, and parents in the effective implementation of the homework policy.
  5. Provide teachers with access to all essential tools and assist teachers in implementing this policy.
  6. Give suggestions to teachers when necessary, on how assignments could be improved.
  7. Make certain that teachers are implementing the homework policy consistently and uniformly.


 Teachers shall:

  1. Set clear standards and expectations for the quality of work based on the needs of students.
  2. Create an effective system for communicating homework guidelines for parents and students.
  3. Review homework and provide timely and appropriate feedback regarding the completion of assignments as a step toward mastery of standards.
  4. Coordinate projects so that all students have access to research and resource materials including textbooks and digital tools such as flash drives, electronic textbooks and websites.
  5. Assign homework that is academically challenging and developmentally appropriate to the student’s level of competence.
  6. Design quality homework, which is relevant to the curriculum and/or tied to mastery.
  7. Allow for varied learning styles by including choices in types of assignments when possible.
  8. Provide students with a reasonable estimate of the amount of time necessary to complete each homework assignment.
  9. Provide specific written explanation, rubric or model, of long term assignments so that the requirements, expectations and timelines are clearly understood by the students.
  10. Provide students the opportunity to ask questions to clarify assignments before leaving class.
  11. Collaborate between teachers regarding when homework would be assigned. There should be a balance of projects so they are not assigned at the same time.
  12. Teachers have the responsibility of communicating with parents of students who are falling behind in completing homework assignments.
  13. Ensure that students receive feedback on each assignment so that students comprehend their level of understanding of the learning.
  14. Create an effective mechanism or system to communicate homework assignments. If appropriate and accessible place homework assignments on the teacher’s website for further clarification.


Students shall:

  1. Understand that homework is part of the course requirement.
  2. Ask questions to clarify homework assignments before leaving class.
  3. Complete and submit homework assignments by the due date.
  4. Complete all assignments honestly in accordance with the teacher’s directions.
  5. Budget time properly for long term assignments.
  6. Always do your best.
  7. Complete any work missed due to absences.
  8. Talk to parents and teachers if you do not understand assignments.
  9. Understand how homework will affect your class grade.


Parents shall:

  1. Provide a suitable environment for homework.
  2. Remind students that homework is their responsibility.
  3. Guide or assist in homework when unusual difficulties arise but never do the homework for their child.
  4. Encourage students to ask their teacher(s) clarifying questions concerning their homework.
  5. Communicate with the teacher(s).
  6. Monitor activities so that sufficient time is provided for homework.
  7. Prohibit cheating, plagiarism and any other dishonest practices in the completion of homework.
  8. Be familiar with philosophy and guidelines of the homework policy.
  9. Provide your child with an assignment book and check it daily.
  10. Contact the teacher with questions or concerns.



Time Frame of Homework Assignments

While it is understood that the time it takes to complete homework assignments may vary with each child, the times below are the general guidelines for each grade level.  If your child is having difficulty on a consistent basis completing assignments within the time frames established, please contact your child’s teacher for assistance.

Homework Time Frame

Kindergarten   Up to 15 minutes of reading* per night, Monday through Thursday  
Grade 1   15 minutes of reading* per night        
    15 minutes of homework four nights per week, Monday through Thursday  
Grade 2   15 minutes of reading* per night        
    15 minutes of homework four nights per week, Monday through Thursday  
Grade 3   15 minutes of reading* per night        
    20 minutes of homework four nights per week, Monday through Thursday  
Grade 4   40-45 Minutes of homework four nights per week, Monday through Thursday
    Students may be required to spend time on the weekends for any long-term
    assignments and required reading        
Grade 5   45-60 minutes of homework four nights per week, Monday through Thursday
    Students may be required to spend time on the weekends for any long-term
    assignments and required reading        
 Grade 6 – 8   TBD              






de 6 – 8




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