Board Minutes-January 2015


January 13th, 2015



Board: Amber B., Mark S., Dave S., Mike P., Robert C., Crystal M., Rhett R.

Admin: Brenda H., Joan K.

Staff: Brook L, Shannon p


Meeting called to order by Dave S. at 6:44pm

  1. Principal report:
    1. The archery club is back with strong student interest
    2. A computer lab is being installed foundered partially by Windemere.  We will open the lab with 10 computers.
    3. There was a significant water leak over winter break.  The engineer believes the pipe break was caused by a pressure surge.  The insurance company is being contacted to see if the damage and expense is covered.
    4. Still working on establishing golf and equestrian programs.
    5. A busing company has been contacted regarding a quote for school buses for the 2015-2016 school year.  A scattergram, cost analysis and parent survey will be created to explore logistical and financial possibility of creating a school bus program.
    6. The school does not have a protocol for the death of a student.  A protocol will be created for the board to review.
    7. Report on Tyler’s life celebration, 4th grade students doing very well.
    8. Olympics scheduled for March 6th, kick off on February 2nd.


  1. Community Council report by Brenda:
    1.  Spring Soiree discussed at last meeting
    2. The playground sign still needs to be hung.
    3. The lease on our ipads expires in April, need to decide if we want to lease new equipment and buy current equipment.
    4. Art committee has meet
    5. Council will decide on plan for land trust funds to be approved by Board.
    6. The Council would like to support school charter by hiring and environmental studies teacher.


  1. PTO report by Brenda:
    1. Box tops winner is Ms. McGinn’s class
    2. Trying to promote Amazon Smile program
    3. Still need a 1st grade chairperson for ski program
    4. Cultural day will be Thursday, March 5th


  1. Budget by Joan:
    1. School is using a new payroll service
    2. Updated budget reviewed


  1.  IRS has given the school a “drop dead date” of January 31st to notify school of IRS decision concerning Social Security.  Staff was notified at December staff meeting of possibility that Social Security payments could be deducted from their paychecks in the future.

MOTION by Mike P.  School will start withholding Social Security from employees on February 1st, 2015 if decision by IRS is not received by January 31st, 2015.  Secondby Mark S., ALL IN FAVOR.


MOTION by Dave S. to keep kindergarten fees the same at $140 for the 2015-2016 school year.  Second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR.


  1. Dave and Mark will collaborate on creating a standard lease.


  1. The Board will not replace Patrick at this time.
  2. Spring Soiree ideas discussed, date set for March 28th.


  1. Parking lot procedures – Wasatch County will donate concrete barriers to the state park so we need to contact state park manager.  Someone needs to be hired to deliver barriers to the school.  Brenda has created a written proposal for the Soldier Hollow Foundation.


  1. New business item – Tyler’s autopsy is complete and a report has been shared with the school.


  1. Next Board meeting will be February 10th, 2014


MOTION to adjourn by Dave at 9:23pm.

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