Board Meeting-March 2015


March 10th, 2015




Administration:  Brenda H., Joan K.

Board Members:  Crystal M., Mike P., Robert C., David S., Amber B.

Parents & Staff:  Colette B., Brenda C.


Called to order at 6:41pm by David S.

MOTION to approve February minutes by David S., second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Parent questions:
    1. Colette B. presented questions about school’s bullying policy and how we can better educate students about bullying.
    2. Colette B. and Brenda C. shared their opinion about parent volunteer hour requirement.  They believe the requirement should not be lowered.  The board and administration will work on creating accountability for parents.
  2. PTO report by Brenda C.:
    1.  Ski volunteers worked well this year and almost every family participated in the Olympics in some way.
    2. Holding the Olympics before cultural day worked well and we will do this again next year.
    3. The spring book fair will be held March 24-27 during parent conference week.
    4. It is time to start collecting pictures and creating yearbook.
    5. Tami G. will be the PTO president next year.
  3. IRS Decision:
    1. Report by Ryan M., parent and tax attorney.  Recommends SHCS pursue engaging legal council to negotiate settlement with IRS.
    2. Audit committee will begin the process of obtaining legal council.

Arrival of board member Amber B. at 8:02pm.

MOTION to approval selection committee to obtain legal council and establish budget by Mike P., second by David S., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. 5th grade field trip – Proposed 5th grade trip presented by 5th grade teachers.  Trip is planned for 6th thru 8th.  Brenda H. will speak with Risk Management to get approval.

MOTION to approval 5th grade field trip subject to approval by Risk Management by Robert .C. second by Amber B.  ALL IN FAVOR

  1. BUDGET & CALENDAR by Joan:
    1. Everything on calendar matches Wasatch school district but we start one day sooner.
    2. No school on January 29th, due to a cross-country qualifying race.


  1. SIS/Aspire Update by Joan K. – Aspire is SHCS’s student information system and is currently free.  SIS might begin to cost the school money as soon as next school year.


  1. Policies for Review – Public Comment at Board Meeting Policy discussed.  Anonymous comments will not be permitted.

MOTION to approve Public Comment at Board Meeting policy by Mike P, second by Amber B., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1. Parking lot pick-up – The new parking lot pick up procedure is being well executed and starting to work more smoothly. Brenda H. feels the new procedure improves student safety and the staff supports the plan.


  1. EE training requirement – Brenda H. would like to have Community Council train staff in EE.  Would like to use land funds to pay for EE certification through USU.

MOTION by Mike P. to ask CC to use land trust money to EE certify staff, second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR

  1. BUSING – Benefits of purchasing a bus versus using a charter bus service presented and discussed.  Brenda will take her bus to risk management to make sure it meets school district standards.

MOTION by Mike P. to budget $15,000 for purchase of a bus. Second by Robert C., ALL IN FAVOR.

  1.  Soiree report – Donations are needed.  Ticket sales have been slow.  Committee will email parents link to Eventbrite, clarify donation expectations and hand out event flyers during pick-up.

MOTION to adjourn by David S., at 10:40pm.  ALL IN FAVOR.


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