Supply List-Mrs. Mumford

Mrs. Mumford’s First Grade Student Supplies- ** Label with student’s name

• 12 Large Glue Sticks to share.

• Plastic 2 pocket folder for in “Work in Progress” folder. **

• 1 inch white binder with front plastic insert pocket for student “GO Binder”

• 3 hole pencil pouch to go in front of binder to transfer money or small items from home.

• 12 Number 2 Yellow Pencils

• 1 pair Scissors (pointed tip) **

• Set of 8 Broad Tip Primary Colors Markers **

• Small Pencil Box- so it fits easily in desk. Tables will have caddies to hold some supplies.*

• Box of 24 Crayons- may need to replace in December. Crayons just seem to disappear.**

• 2-4 small-tip dry erase markers

• 2-4 small tip dry erase markers

• Empty margarine or butter box- class community map

• Small items for classroom store

No Personal Pencil Sharpeners Allowed

We also need the following donations throughout the year. I will let you know when

needed. We do not have room to store them at the school.

• Gallon and quart size zipper– ziplock baggies

• Paper Towels

• Paper Napkins

• Clorox wipes

We will need the following for art projects during the year. (Just an FYI to start saving.)

Mrs. Mumford’s class: But DO NOT bring them to school until requested: just an FYI.

• 20-Empty 2 liter soda bottles with labels removed.- 1 per student

• Seeds/Beans of various kinds for a seed collage.

• Paper shoebox for animal report diorama.

• Potting soil

• Old CD and clear CD case- friendship fish, worm unit

• Shoelaces for place value and reading star necklaces

• Colored copy paper

• Colored or white cardstock

• Small Items for classroom store- (leftovers from birthday party? Or …)



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