Environmental Education

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The purpose of Soldier Hollow Charter School is to create an innovative educational model that nurtures inquiry and creativity.  The natural world will be used as a classroom for place-based learning across the curriculum.  Place-based environmental education strives to build a foundation for the young as future citizens who will actively participate in the democratic process, first within the school and ultimately the community and beyond.   We believe that children are more engaged in learning when their studies make a connection with their lives.   The focus of the program is:

  • to promote awareness of, understanding and respect for the natural world
  • to offer experiences outdoors, across the curriculum with emphasis on the arts and physical education
  • to inspire and empower students to work with creativity and originality to become responsible members of society
  • to build a curriculum model for place-based interdisciplinary learning using core curriculum principles as the structure


Green Council/Hands to Work:  Everyday at 2:30, our students participate in Hands to Work, which is a school community service time, in which students focus on one area of the school and improve it.  Our 6th graders have taken on a large leadership role in working with Hands to Work in younger grades as well as guiding younger grades in a leadership capacity.


Green Council is our student leadership council, with an environmental focus.   Two representatives from each grade meet once a month with the sixth grade team, have a lesson in environmental education and share it with their class.




EE Week   The second week of October, we hold an EE week that consists of special presentations and activities for two days and a day of community service projects.  Students experience an immersion program in environmental education with presentations that range from animal habitats to watershed studies and local fauna.

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img_3326Growing Environmental Education as well as sustainability opportunities for our students is a focus for next year.  We anticipate this growth with an EE teacher, as well as planning an acre school garden and bringing in small animals for our school farm.  A local veterinarian and 4-H have offered to partner with us to create an amazing learning experience for our scholars.  What better way to learn than to experience it first hand.  Textbooks are fine, computers learning is fine, but life first hand, unplugged, hands dirty, nurturing a garden and our animals, sustainability practices, and maintaining a school farm is such a great opportunity for the Wasatch Valley students.


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