Soldier Hollow Ski Volunteers’ Perks


Soldier Hollow Charter School parents are encouraged to come out and ski with a group during Charter School skiing.

How you can help:


Pre & Post Skiing: Assist with putting on and taking off boots, distribute or return skis or poles. Ensure rental area is clean and orderly after skiing.


On Snow: When you arrive ask an instructor if there is a group that needs extra help (there are some big groups!). Tag along with the group. It is very helpful to have someone being the “sweeper” in the back. Assist with bathroom trips, etc.


The Perks:

For each session volunteered you will receive one “punch” on your card. Two “punches” may be redeemed for 1 free day pass to ski at Soldier Hollow. If you help for both sessions of Charter School skiing you will receive two “punches”.


How to get a punch card: Ask nicely at the front desk =)


How to get “punches”: Ask one of the ski instructors AFTER each session/day.


Where do I keep my punch card: With You! It is your responsibility to keep track of your card and get your card “punched” after each session.


Questions/Concerns? Ask an instructor or call Soldier Hollow Nordic Center at 435-654-2002.


We will be offering volunteer training, a free on snow clinic for parents, time and date to be determined.


Parents of Charter School Students who are current on their ski participation donation are eligible for a Soldier Hollow Nordic Center season pass for skiing. Please inquire at the front desk of the nordic center.

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