Our philosophy is incorporating our natural surroundings in to our educational programs.  Below are just a few of the activities that are offered to all of our students to make learning exciting and cross-curricular.


Archery:   Our archery program is sponsored by the DWA, who donated all of the equipment to Soldier Hollow Charter School for the 4th-6th grade program. Older grades shoot with the standard Genesis compound bows, while our younger students are learning on 9-12# recurve bows.   Our program has grown substantially, with the addition of ALL grades enjoying this sport.  Students are learning the basics in archery while our older students are training for the state competition.




Biathlon:   Second grade on up not only learns to ski, but to participate in the biathlon.  The 2002 Olympic range is used by our students, instruction is one on one and students love to walk in the path of previous Olympians.




Ice Skating:   This year we will offer ice skating lessons as a class, from a former professional ice skater.  We will partner with the Midway Ice Rink to give our students an opportunity to participate in this fun winter sport.  To see more ice skating pictures, click here.





Equine Experience:   We are partnering with Rocky Mountain Outfitters to offer an equine experience for our students this year.  This will be a new program for SHCS students and a wonderful addition to our programming.  Students will improve their reading skills, as well as many other skills learning to care for the horses that neighbor our school facility.  Rocky Mountain Outfitters offers trail rides locally.


Tubing:   Students enjoy tubing just up the hill from our school.  We have tubing parties in the winter that students love, and what a great way to spend time in the out of doors.



Snow Shoeing:   We have snow shoes for students at SHCS, as well as access to the snow shoes at the lodge.  Shoeing for animal tracks and shelters is a great way to learn and love the out of doors in all seasons


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Sheepdog Classic:   Each year, our students participate in the activities of the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic.  Mark, the organizer, includes our students and faculty in all of the activities and our students have had the opportunity to meet trainers from all over the world, as well as watch world champion herding dogs bring sheep out of the hills and in to corrals right on our play field.  What a wonderful experience

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Moab Trip:   The field trip to Moab is a yearly adventure in 4th grade.  The teachers, Mr. McGinn and Mrs. Poirier create a wonderful experience for our students, with daily hikes and learning activities.  Students look forward to this for a couple of years and talk about many years later


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Teton Science School:   For two years, our 6th grade students have taken a trip to the Teton Science School in Wyoming.  They fundraise throughout the year to ensure every child has the opportunity to attend this trip, which is aligned with our place-based learning philosophy.


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Falconry:   Part of the Sheepdog Classic activities is a falconer, who teaches our students every year the art of falconry


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Art Festival:   Every spring, our students host an Art Festival, displaying many of their works of art.  This gallery of creativity is a great experience for students and their families.


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Fly Fishing:   What better place to learn fly fishing than on the Provo River between two reservoirs.  Our valley is full of competent fly fisherman and a quick walk from our school to the river will find many fisherman enjoying this great sport.


Story Telling Festival:     Every fall, our school gathers at the chalet on the pond next to Rocky Mountain Outfitters and staff and parents share fairy tales with students.  Sometimes in costume and other time not.  Students are engaged in a day full of drama and tales.  Many of which they grew up with and others they hear for the first time.  Come one come all to the annual story telling festival.




Golf:   With a golf course just a five minute walk away, and golf pros close by, we are creating a program that will allow students to learn the basics of golf.


Bicycle Riding:   Each spring, second and third grade take a day long bicycle trip beginning at Vivian Park.  The day is filled with great exercise, good food and good friends.  Wheels are also allowed at our school, as we are near the Soldier Hollow track.  As long as students wear a helmet and protective gear, recess can be great fun.





Cultural Day:


Cultural Day is a full school day spent touring all of the Olympic Teams cultural presentations.  Students spend a day visiting different countries represented in our SHCS Olympics, tasting their food, watching dances, viewing art work and learning the customs of the countries.


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