Community Council Committees

Participating on a community council committee is a great way to fulfill volunteer hours if you can’t volunteer during school hours. Check out the descriptions of the committees and then email the committee chair or Kim Dalby – Community Council Chair about your interest.


Fundraising/Grant Writing committee has a dual purpose:
1. Work together to find/coordinate the fundraising opportunities. Please note that you don’t have to do all the fundraising but you should be aware of all the fundraising efforts that are happening so that our families do not feel overwhelmed by them.
2. Find grants that are available for our school to apply for that meet our charter and goals. You don’t need to write the grants — all you need to do is find them and forward them to Mrs. Hedden.


Technology commitee’s purpose is to create a 1, 3, and 5 year technology plan for the school so that we can have a unified view for how technology will be used at the school. The plans should consider the best way to spend available technology grant funds while keeping within the charter of the school.


Evaluation committee’s purpose is to be observant in the classroom to see if the practices from the intensive instruction of differentiated instruction provided to the teachers the week before school started are being implemented. Ideally, we need at least two parents per grade that are going to be in the classroom 1-2 times per month working with the teachers to be part of this committee. A specific list of items for feedback will be provided.


Safety committee is to implement the safety policies and training that were created over the last school year. As well as create a 3 year plan for safety improvement at the school. Copies of the current safety policies are available on our website. Of particular interest to you are the head injury policy and revised field trip policy (there are several safely items of the field trip policy that need to be implemented).


Volunteer committees purpose is to coordinate and publicize volunteer opportunities and report to SHCS parents on their hours so they know where they stand.


Reading Plan Committee is to create the plan for Reading improvement for our school. Samples of other reading plans are available for you to start from.


Green Council/Social Committee works with the student green council to support the environmental focus of the school charter and organizes social activities to enhance the feeling of community and foster the development of rewarding relationships between parents, teachers, and staff at Soldier Hollow.

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