Volunteer Hours


We appreciate you helping make Soldier Hollow Charter School a better learning environment for our children by volunteering and logging your hours below. You make all the difference and we appreciate you very much!  By volunteering, you:


Gain New Experiences and Insights

Volunteering allows students to get involved with new things and develop technical, social, and academic skills that couldn’t be learned in a classroom environment. Whether you’re helping out in the classroom, on the playground, driving for field trips or many other ways, volunteering allows you to experience different environments and situations and get to know our school and students.


Create Connections with Others

No matter the age, building relationships with people is crucial. Not only does the volunteer work you do help our staff and students, it shows who you are as a person, and it reflects many positive character traits. It’s crucial to have a strong connection to your children’s school and this part of their life that you may not experience.  It gives you a great perspective of their day.


Fulfill a Sense of Accomplishment

While no monetary compensation is received, many will tell you that their work and experiences gained as a volunteer were worth so much more.  It is taking some time out of your day and helping your children and their classmates.  It builds self-confidence and lifts up the spirits for both you and your child.  Basically, you get out of it what you put into it.


By logging your volunteer hours, it helps us gain grant funding in addition to school reporting to the state of Utah.   Thank you for supporting your children at school, and for supporting our school.

If the form below is not working, you can click here to update your volunteer hours or stop by the school office and log on to the CCSS-Complete Campus Security System computer.


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